Monday, December 24, 2012

Cyberspace + Mele Kalikimaka

More Christmas Eve spam…because I CAN!  I loved Mele Kalikimaka when I wore it over the pink Kiko holo (you can see the post HERE).  I love it even more over Cyberspace, the blue Milani holo.  Have you noticed a trend lately? Glitter bombs over holo?  I am in LOVE LOVE with the combination!  Perfection.  And that's exactly what I think about this combo.

Milani Cyberspace is a very lovely light blue scattered holo.  I used 3 coats of Cyberspace because it was quite sheer.  I have to admit, I always pass these babies up but I was highly impressed!  PS - I got this in a swap so I did not break my no buy getting it.  

I topped it with 2 layers of Red Dog Designs Mele Kalikimaka.  Hello gorgeous.  As I said before in my previous MK post, packed full of kelly geen, pink, blue, and matte white glitters in different shapes and sizes.  And lots of holo shimmer.  It's a vacation in a bottle!

Just for fun I threw a couple snowflake glitters on top, which my friend from Jen's Nail Files sent me.  Thanks Jen!!  Upon her suggestion I slightly bent the snowflakes to get them to lay better on my curved nails.  They do stick up a bit, but it's still a fun little addition.  I used 2 thick layers of topcoat to seal it all in and shine it up!

Red Dog Designs info:
Big Cartel (for shopping fun)

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