Saturday, December 22, 2012

Live and Let Die + Mister Grinch

Who doesn't love the Grinch?  He's such a nasty wasty skunk!  I mean seriously, he really is a heel.  I personally like both movies, the original cartoon and the Jim Carey version, though I know the second is less popular.  This year there was an abundance of Grinch polishes and I have a very pretty one to share with you today.  

I started this mani with 2 coats of OPI Live and Let Die.  LaLD is a pretty hunter green with gold shimmer.  I had no application problems with LaLD, it went on smoothly and was nearly a one coater.  I did use 2 coats though.  

Then I used Red Dog Designs Mister Grinch.  Mister Grinch is a super fun combination of matte white hexs, light green matte hexs, red hexs, holo shimmer AND small red hearts!!  Because we all know the Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day.  I used 1 coat of Mister Grinch and did get a good variety of glitter with each brush dip.  Very minor fishing for the hearts, but I did end up with several on both hands.  I topped this with 1 layer of Gelous and then a layer of topcoat.

Visit Red Dog Designs on Facebook for new collection updates and the link to the store.  

Mister Grinch loves his bottle of Mister Grinch!

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  1. A great combo..beautiful and fun!

  2. This is such a gorgeous polish! I really can't decide on which background I love it more LOL
    Yours is sooo exciting and fun!!!