Monday, December 24, 2012

Flocked Nails

I tried out flocking.  Have you?  It is so weird, but fun too.  I felt like I had Muppet fingernails all day yesterday!

Quick details:  I used 2 coats of a Sally Hansen white (can't remember the name, sorry).  I then worked one nail at a time by using topcoat, then rolling my wet nail in a pile of flocking powder.  I used a dry finger to push the flocking powder down to make sure a good amount stayed on.  That's it!  I waited for them to fully dry and I then showed off my fuzzy nails.  They didn't last more than one day, but I was quite rough on them last night as I washed dishes, baked and cooked things for tonight, and folded laundry.  

The flocking powder is from Michaels.  You will likely find it in the scrap booking section of the store.  

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  1. my sister got me a flocking set for Christmas. Can't wait to try it out, it looks so weird. This looks pretty but definitely unusual!

  2. I would be rubbing my face all the time if I did this. They look really cute! Merry Christmas Jen!