Friday, March 15, 2013

Bubbles-n-Balms: Kat's Pajamas, On the Town, Dragon Scales

I sure hope you enjoy reading about these brands as much as I like reviewing them!  Bubbles-n-Balms is not a new brand per say, they have been around since 2009.  But they are new to me!  This is another exciting etsy shop because aside from very beautiful polishes, Renee makes some amazing bath and body products to chose from including body scrub, body mousse, milk soaps and lip butters!  I was sent a sample of the Sea Salt and Lotus Blossom, call me impressed!  I'll review that in this post as well!  I thought I'd try a group post today so you could see all the polishes in one big review. 

Before I delve in I want to share that you can purchase Bubbles-n-Balms on etsy.  You can also follow their Facebook page for product information and updates.  Now let's get this party started shall we?

First up is Kat's Pajamas.  This was the first polish that caught my eye and turned out to be my favorite.  I love all things peach, coral and pink!  Kat's Pajamas really spoke to me.  Renee describes it as "peach jelly with pink and green matte glitters and tons of iridescence."  The gold shimmer in this peach base is a stunning combination.  I love how the glitters match, but still peek out to play!  The matte glitters read more yellow to me, but it works.  Everything in Kat's Pajama's is very complimentary and pretty.  I used 2 coats of Kat's Pajamas over 2 coats of Sinful Colors Orange Creme.  The polish had a great formula and I had a god amount of glitter come out with each brush dip.  Everything lay nice and smooth.  I finished it off with 1 layer of topcoat.  

Nest up is On the Town.  I loved this polish.  OTT has an amazing fuchsia to gold shifting shimmer.  The shimmer adds an amazing amount of sparkle to the polish.  This polish is also loaded with matte pink and white glitters, black hexs and holo glitters.  Since it's meant to be a topper you can layer it over any color you choose!  I picked Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth and used 2 coats for a full coverage base.  I then used 2 coats of On the Town.  The glitter came out easily and spread well on my nails.  I used 1 layer of topcoat.


indoor picture to show off the shimmer

Last but not least I have Dragon Scales.  Renee has this to say about Dragon Scales, "This polish has loads of gold, red orange and yellow glitter with iridescence, all in a sparkly light Tangerine jelly base."  I have been having an orange-peach-coral moment and Dragon Scales definitely helped satiate that craving.  I used 3 coats for full coverage and great glitter payoff.  Application was great.  I used 1 layer of topcoat.  



Renee was so sweet, she included a sample of her Sugar Body Polish Sea Salt and Lotus Blossom.  I love it!  This scrub is amazing!  I tested the scrub on my hand and around my nails.  I found it to be non-oily, which I was very happy about because I do not like when my body feels oily.  I want a scrub to make me feel clean, not greasy.  The scrub had a nice fine-grit texture, but not too abrasive that I wouldn't use it on my body.   The scent was a very light and subtly floral.  Not over powering at all.  When I washed it off my hands were left feeling soft, moisturized, and lightly scented.  If you are a fan of scrubs you need to try the ones from Bubbles-n-Balms!

*Bubbles n Balms products were sent for my honest opinion and review

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  1. I've used a sea salt scrub before, a different brand, but oh my hands felt so amazingly soft and smooth and refreshed after using it. I can imagine how nice then the Sugar Body Polish Sea Salt and Lotus Blossom scrub must be. It sounds simply exotic and luxurious like something Queen Cleopatra herself would have used.