Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mod Lacquer: Cherry Fizz, Verde Montana, Purple Prose

Tonight I get to share with you another newbie on the indie scene!  It's so fun and exciting to try these great brands out and help other polish fanatics make informed decisions on their purchases.  I truly hope that I am helping you make your polish stash exceptional!  Mod Lacquer LLC opened in January 2013.  From the polishes I reviewed it's pretty obvious we can expect some awesome polish from the creator Jennifer.

You can follow Mod Lacquer LLC on Facebook to keep up with news and new releases.  You can shop for the polish on Etsy.

First up I have Cherry Fizz.  It's described by Jennifer as "a bright red nail polish that is packed with fine holographic glitter which is reminiscent of tiny sparkly bubbles in a vintage Cherry Fizz cocktail."  I love that description, makes me want an adult beverage.  Cherry Fizz truly is a beautiful, bright red polish.  It applied easily and I reached full coverage in 2 coats.  The holo micro glitter is very lightly holographic, more like a silvery glitter.  This polish is topcoat hungry, I used 2 coats for full smoothness.  You could used Gelous instead for the same glossy finish.

Verde Montana is a light green based polish packed full of pastel glitters.  It's seriously a pastel rainbow in there!  I see white, pink, purple, green, and blue.  There is also turquoise and purple micro glitter to round it all out for glitter fullness.  I initially wore Verde Montana alone (3 coats) and decided it would be better layered over a similar base color.  So I have 2 coats each of OPI Mermaid Tears and an accent nail of Skull & Glossbones on my ring finger.  Verde Montana was easy to apply and had a great glitter payoff.  The glitters spread easily and layed flat on my nails.  I used 2 coats of Verde Montana over the base colors and finished the mani with 1 layer of Gelous and 1 layer of topocat.  

*this is 3 coats of Verde Montana with 1 layer of topcoat

Last I have Purple Prose.  This is a gorgeous color shifting duo-chrome polish.  I am late to the duo-chrome party and am only now starting to appreciate this finish.  Purple Prose has really swayed me to want many many more of these types of polish.  I found myself staring at my nails to watch the change in different positions my hands happened to fall.  I actually gave myself a pedi with Purple Prose immediately after getting it on my finger nails!  The main colors I see are purple (obviously), blue and hot pink.  It's gorgeous!  Strangely enough my phone caught the best pictures so I will share those below a well.  I had full coverage in 2 coats.  The first coat applied really nicely, the second was tad thick but nothing unmanageable.  I finished it with 1 layer of topcoat. 

*this is the most color accurate and also shows the color changes
*these polishes were provided for my honest opinion and review
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