Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ninja Polish Divinity

Goodness I have something stunning to share with you tonight!  Ninja Polish Divinity.  Divinity is a brand new polish from the Ninja Polish Enigma collection.  Divinity is 100% lick your computer screen  worthy.  Seriously, I spent the entire day trying to take pictures in different settings and lighting to show all the different personalities of this polish.  Hopefully the amount of pictures I am going to bombard you with will help you get a small idea of how lovely and versatile this polish is.

Divinity is a color shifting polish.  It all starts with a pretty purple base.  Add some magic ninja shimmer dust to see magenta, red, gold, and green.  Even now I can see blackened teal on my nails!  I can't explain how it happens, all I know is that I only needed 2 coats for full coverage (excuse the user error on my pinky nail - I didn't wait at all between coats on that nail).  I used 1 layer of topcoat to seal it all in!

So, what to do you think of this one?  I'm floored at how gorgeous it is!  I am very excited to get the other Enigma - Ambrosia!  You can purchase Ninja Polish and a ton of other great polish at!  Be sure to follow the Ninja Polish blog (and enter the current giveaway) and Facebook page for updates on upcoming products and restock information!  And you can follow me on Facebook too!!


So many of my friends are wearing Divinity we decided to link to each others posts!  You can check out how they wore the polish in the links below!

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