Friday, February 21, 2014

HOLO WEEK: Day 5, Part 2 - Celestial Cosmetics

Good evening!  Aren't you lucky?  You get 2 holo posts today!  I received these in the mail and couldn't not include them in holo week.  They were just too gorgeous.  Celestial Cosmetics is an Australian brand, but you can purchase them at Color4Nails.  I don't even want to take up your time reading...let's just look at polish!  I will start off by saying each of these had amazing formula and application.  


Celestial Cosmetics: Color4Nails, Facebook, Instagram, Celestial Cosmetics Site

Mrs. Claus' Jugs is a holo from the A Very Merry Aussie Christmas collection.  Sure it's from the holiday line up but guess what?  This "bright green linear" holo is absolutely perfect for the spring!  It's bright and beautiful.  I had great coverage in 3 coats.  No topcoat.  

Sun Kissed is a perfect color for tanned bodies and sitting out on the beach!  This bronzed orange linear holo is a real stunna and I'm totally not biased with my professed love for orange.  I used 3 coats and no topcoat for full coverage.  

Noel's Nuts is another polish from the A Very Merry Aussie Christmas collection.  It's a perfect "soft blurple linear" holo.  There's a pretty noticeable pink shimmer to it that is lovely.  I think this would be an awesome, sexy date night polish!  I used 2 layers and no topcoat.  

Moonlight Glow is a gorgeous pink linear holo "with a light blue undertone."  This one was almost a frosty holo - likely from the amount of shimmer in it.  I thought it was unique and pretty.  I used 3 layers but 2 would have been completely fine.  No topcoat. 

Sand Dunes stole my heart.  I am a sucker for these shades and this "bright bronze/brown linear" holo is a real winner.  It's another color that will look stunning on some bronzed skin!  Thank goodness I tan and don't burn because I will be rocking this shade all summer long!  Sand Dunes also has micro holo glitters in it that really set it apart making it unique and fun.  Lots of depth and sparkling holo goodness.  I used 2 layers and no topcoat.


Finally I have Ocean Mist.  Man the colors in this collection are making me long for the summer and the beach.  This fabulous and glowy teal linear holo was amazing.  I loved the color!  I used 2 layers and no topcoat.  


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  1. These are gorgeous!! Sun Kissed will most definitely be mine!!

  2. These are amazing! Love that green, its so vibrant ;)

  3. hahaha, i love some of these names!!! and I love how vibrant they are!!!

  4. Wow on that purple one, may have to get it!!