Saturday, February 22, 2014

HOLO WEEK: Day 6 - Smitten Polish

WOW, I can't believe I am at Day 6 of Holo Week already!  Looking back on my previous posts I have been drooling over all the holo goodness!  And with the amount of holos I received in the mail this week I will have to do another Holo Week again soon to show you all of those!  But today's post is one of my favorite indie brands...Smitten Polish.  I have only worn a few Smitten's in the past (the Falling Leaves Tree-O) and it was love at first sight.  So I've kind of stalked the brand since then.  Well I have more (and plan on getting even more with the next restock), so let's take a look at them!

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This is Be Mine! and it was released as a Valentine's polish.  Look at how sweet and pretty it is!  Be Mine! is an uber bright "bubblegum pink" linear holo and it's just perfect.  The first coat was just a little sheer so I ended up using 3 layers for complete coverage.  The formula and application were both great.  No topcoat.  

After I bought the Falling Leaves Tree-O this was the next one caught in my radar beam.  Electric Lime is just that!  I adore this polish.  Electric Lime is amazing and bright neon green linear holo.  Again, the first coat was sheer and I ended up using 3 layers with no topcoat.  Application and formula were both fantastic.  

The First Lobster is one of the best red linear holos I have come across.  It's actually described as a "very warm orange-leaning red" holo, but it's looks more like a red with orange undertones on me.   But mostly red.  The First Lobster had fabulous coverage, I used 2 coats and no topcoat.  Formula and application were both wonderful.   

And finally, What Sorcery Is This?  This is a "bright purple, cool toned" linear holo.  I love this shade of purple.  It really works for me.  What Sorcery Is This? had a formula more like Electric Lime and Be Mine!, so the first coat was sheer.  But with 3 layers I had full coverage.  

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  1. Sorcery is one of my fave purple holos! I don't remember mine being sheer or needing three coats, but it's been awhile, I got mine last fall so I have the previous logo. At the time I got it I told someone it was my perfect purple holo shade, and it is still super high on the list!!!!!

  2. These are all amazing!! Can't get enough of holos :)