Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Color Club The Uptown

Good afternoon!  It's rainy over here so I am about to start a pot of stew and the recipe looks so good I can't wait to try it.  Nothing like the smell of garlic and onion simmering in olive oil to get everyone in the house ready for dinner.  But before I do that I just wanted to share a couple pictures of a Color Club polish I recently bought.  So let's take a little looksie!

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This is The Uptown from the Fall 2013 Girl About Town collection.  The Uptown has a sheer purple jelly base and is loaded with color shifting flakes.  So many colors wanted to show up - red, copper, can literally see a rainbow of colors in The Uptown.  But different lighting will give you differnect effects.  Also, the movement of the color shifting flakies made it hard for my camera to focus on my nails, I tried my best I promise!  Now I know from reading other posts that The Uptown builds up on it's own but I chose to wear it over a base color hoping to get the most color shift bang for my buck!  So here I have 2 coats of Barry M Indigo, a pretty blurple creme.  I layered 1 coat of The Uptown over Indigo.  The Uptown had a fabulous formula with loads of flakies coming out.  The flakies spread easily on my nails.  They did dry with a little texture, so I used 1 thick layer of topcoat to smooth them out.  

*these pictures are in regular indoor lighting*

*these pictures are indoors, under a bright white light with a white background - outdoor pictures look similar to these*

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  1. This is so stunning! I really need to get a bottle of it.

  2. Stunning color! I love the flakies in it!