Thursday, February 13, 2014

Trial & Error Manis

Hey hey!  Good morning.  Today I have a different post for you - it's some of my trial and error manis.  If you browse around and check out nail blogs (which I'm sure you do) I'm sure you always see perfectly painted nails and combinations that are heavenly.  Well, as a blogger I'm here to tell you it's not always angels singing with every combination we put on our nails.  Sometimes the polishes themselves are gorgeous, but they just don't fit together for some reason.  I've had my fair share of them and I usually just scrap them (or let them collect dust in my photo album and move along to bigger and better mani ideas).  So here are 2 that aren't awful, but they aren't the best either.  I won't even bother with the links on these posts, so just comment if you need some information that you can't find on your own.

Up first is this interesting glitter/texture/color changing combination that was fabulous in my head.  Well it wasn't so fabulous on my nails!  I have on Barry M Pink Chameleon, a polish that changes from a light metallic mauve-pink to a medium shade purple when you put on topcoat.  I guess if I were to draw a design on the polish with topcoat it could look cool.  But I just didn't care for the colors or polish formula at all.  I topped Pink Chameleon with Elevation Polish Yeti's Broken Heart.  This is a gorgeous and cutely named polish.  Purple, black and white hearts, white circles, tiny white squares.  All of those are a recipe for win, but just not in this mani.  The glitter was perfect, no complaints there what so ever.  I did an accent nail of Venique Raging Crimson.  Raging Crimson is a red jelly-like texture polish with some purple and red sparkle.  Great formula and application.  

And the second mani....this is a great idea and the gal who came up with it really nailed it!  Check out the Circle Gradient Tutorial over on Polish. Glitter. Rock & Roll.  She did a fabulous job and the colors she did the gradient with were perfection!  Next time I try this (which I really loved) I will use darker colors instead of 2 that are close, or hard to differentiate in pictures.  I used China Glaze Sass In A Glass, Orly Au Champagne and Zoya Gie Gie to create the circle gradient.  All 3 are fabulous colors, but they just don't pop enough to show off the gradient.  I used OPI Second Honeymoon  (here's another example of me using and not liking these sheer colors) on my ring finger nail and topped it with Face It CMX323, a super cute white and pink matte glitter full of hearts, bars, squares and hexs.  Application was great!  I finished with Sally Hansen Pink Sprinkle on my pinky nail.  I did love this strawberry pink jelly texture.  Bright, fun and sparkly.  So again, all great polishes (with the exception of the OPI - IMO) but they just didn't work together in this mani.  

So what do you think?  Would you classify these as fails?  Or do you think they came out fine and I am being overly critical of my own work?  

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  1. This was nice to see! Sometimes even when something doesn't turn out what I wanted, I still post it to my blog too. I actually like these a lot too especially the first one. I don't think there fails at all :)

  2. Sometimes what is meh to you, is awesome to others, so thanks for showing these!

  3. I should post some of the ones I didn't like so much. I like them, especially the first.. but I thought the purple looked really cool with the black and white :)

  4. Yeah I agree the purple with black and white was cool. They're all good polishes, just sometimes doesn't pan out like we think...