Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lumina Lacquer Moon Child (fraternal twin post with The Mani Cafe)

Good morning!  I have a fun "twin" post for you today.  But it's more of a fraternal twin post because The Mani Cafe and I didn't do exactly the same thing.  We really just wanted to show off a gorgeous Lumina Lacquer - Moon Child to be exact, and we wanted to do it on the same day.  This was my first Lumina Lacquer and I was obsessed (with the polish and the brand) from the minute it arrived.  You can see my post way back when to see how I wore it in the past HERE!  It's still my favorite Lumina to date!  Anywho, have you checked out The Mani Cafe yet?  The gal behind it is one of my polish besties and one of the sweetest gals around.  And hello her nail art is amazing!  She even did Totoro nails just for me because she knows how much I love that character!  Make sure you head over and check out The Mani Cafe's Moon Child mani too (link to post is HERE)!  Now lets look at what I've got on my nails!

Lumina Lacquer: Shop, Facebook, Instagram
Julie G: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
China Glaze: Website, Facebook, Instagram , Twitter

So I started my mani with Julie G Shark's Cove.  Shark's Cove is a super pretty minty sea foam colored polish packed with mint, pink and silver shimmer.  The shimmer is really stunning.  The first coat was a little patchy and sheer but after 3 coats all was well.  I topped Shark's Cove with Lumina Lacquer Moon Child.  Moon Child is mostly pink, white and purple glitters in a clear base.  I see lots of fun shapes; stars, flowers, diamonds, and large circles.  It's also got a healthy dose of micro glitter.  The glitter came out easily and in abundance.  It spread well and laid flat on my nails.  I then did an accent nail with China Glaze QT, a perfect magenta linear holo.  I did find the formula a little thin (compared to theindie holos that I am used to) but it covered completely in 2 coats.  I used 1 layer of topcoat on all my glitter nails.  

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  1. What a pretty glitter! Love it here :)

  2. This is a gorgeous combo Jen! I love Moon Child over Shark's Cove and QT is such a gorgeous holo! I love what Michaela did with Moon Child too! You are lucky to have such a sweet polish twin!

  3. Love it as always! Epic combo! Thanks for posting with me <3