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My Personal Top 10 Indie Polishes of 2014

Hello there dears!  Now that the excitement of Christmas has passed and we are coming up the the New Year I thought it would be a great time to do a review of 2014.  Specifically my favorite indie polishes from the entire year.  I've had the pleasure of reviewing quite a few indie brands this year, but I also bought more than my fair share (yes, I officially reached hoarder status by surpassing the 2K mark).  I will provide pictures and links to the original posts so you can read up on the individual polishes if you so desire!  YAY for 2014!  I'd say it was a pretty great year.  I can't wait to see what the trends are for nail polish from all the amazing indie makers in 2015!

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Honorable Mention: Sweet Heart Polish Disneyworld or Bust.  I really had a hard time narrowing it down to 10 so this is the best I could do.  I guess you could say it's a Top 11.  This is a fairly recent polish from Sweet Heart Polish and even thought I have only visited Disneyland, the colors in Disneyworld or Bust speak to me more.  I think because I know Casandra and how much she loves everything Disney, this one really captures the entire brand as well as the maker.  The mixture of brights and white are a perfect combination.  I hope there are more Disney themed polishes from Sweet Heart Polish in 2015!  Original post HERE.
Sweet Heart Polish Disneyworld or Bust
10. Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Deathwatch Beetle.  Holo micro glitters seemed to be pretty huge this year.  I hope they have a strong presence in 2015 because even though they are a major PITA to remove they are absolutely gorgeous!  Julie has a true eye for color blends and glitter mixes.  I've seen a sneak peek of her first collection for 2015 and it's pretty fantastic.  Looking forward to her 2015 polishes.  Original post HERE.  
Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Death Watch Beetle

9. Alter Ego Nail Enamel Rows Her Boat.  This was one of the Gloss48 exclusive colors and it is completely stunning! It's a turquoise/teal blue full of golden shimmer.  Cynthia has been killing it lately with her polishes and I am very excited to see what else she has up her sleeve for 2015.  Original post HERE.

Alter Ego Nail Enamel Rows Her Boat

8. Girly Bits Lack of Pies.   I loved this polish so much from the first time I saw it in reviews.  Like I needed it.  Bad.  I was not disappointed when I finally got it.  It's such an awesome polish - holographic and multi chrome, full of green and purple-pink and gold.  Pam always has amazing polishes and I'm especially excited to see what collections she has coming out for the Spring and Summer!  Original post HERE.  

Girly Bits Lack of Pies

7. Colors by Llarowe Show Off.  How could I not pick one of these amazing multi chrome holos?  All 4 from this collection were truly perfection and it was hard to chose my favorite but I think I chose correctly!  Leah Ann puts out collection like a mad woman so I am sure she already had half of 2015 ready to go.  I hope to see more multi chrome holos, shimmers, flakies and micro glitters from her this coming year.  Original post HERE.

Colors by Llarowe Show Off

6. Cupcake Polish Neither Here Noir There.  This was such a beautiful, dark purple/charcoal holo, resistance was futile.  I knew immediately I would love it, and I did.  Sara can really knock her holos out of the park and I have a feeling she is going to have some awesome colors releasing in 2015!  Original post HERE.  

Cupcake Polish Neither Here Noir There

5. Paint Box Polish A Dragon Is Not A Slave.  This is the perfect lime green holo micro glitter.  Since it's been in my possession I have worn it 4 times already.  It's my consistent pedicure.  The color is so bright and happy and the application is pretty darn fabulous for a micro glitter.  I have only tried 3 of Pam's creations but I hope to try many many more in 2015.  Original post HERE.  

4. Superficially Colorful Tsahik.  I am a complete sucker for anything red-orange and this one was so "Jen" it was ridiculous.  The color, the finish.  It was so vibrant and fun!  Jin excels at thermals but she also proved how fabulous she is at making other finishes: texture, shimmer, holo.  I hope 2015 brings us many many new Superficially Colorful Lacquers!  Original post HERE.  

Superficially Colorful Lacquers Tsahik

3. Elevation Polish Yeti's Oceanside Vacation.  This was a limited edition, like all the Yeti's.  I pretty much love every Yeti and since I've already started I have to keep getting them.  This one was light and airy and refreshing.  It reminded me of a beach town on a Mediterranean island.  I was also taken by surprise when I saw that the little starts glowed in the dark - I missed that part when i read the description on the listing.  Lulu is a mastermind when it comes to polish.  She's a pro at every color and finish and I know I'll be handing her plenty of my money in 2015.  Original post HERE.

Elevation Polish Yeti's Oceanside Vacation

2. Lumina Lacquer Final Fantasy.  This is a stunning blend of pastel glitters.  I love the colors and the shapes.  Lumina Lacquer is known for large glitters and glitter bombs.  Tatiana does a great job with colors and shapes without overdoing it.  But she's also been presenting some gorgeous solid colors with holo shimmer in them as well as holo micro glitters.  My fingers are crossed that we see lots more of these styles from her in 2015.  Original post HERE.  

Lumina Lacquer Final Fantasy

1.  We made it to the number 1 spot!  I knew it would go to Smitten Polish, but I really had to think about which one of Noelie's amazing creations from this year was my absolute, hands down, unquestionable favorite.  Man this was a hard one.  But I am going with Not Your Mama's Easter Grass.  I chose this one as my #1 because one of the first Smitten's that ever caught my eye was Electric Lime and this is basically the micro glitter version of it, which of course means I love it like no other!  Noelie makes holos and holo micro glitters like it's nobodies business.  Her micro glitters are the finest ones I have tried and they may as well be in a class of their own (I will admit my second favorite is This Is My Tiara! with Penny Dreadful in a close 3rd - all micro glitters.).  My fingers are crossed that she has plenty of new colors and maybe a few new finishes for us to try in 2015!  Original post HERE.

Smiten Polish Not Your Mama's Easter Grass

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