Sunday, December 4, 2016

Athletic Wear Post: InknBurn Clothing

Howdy all!  Tonight I have a very different post to share with you.  Some of you may know that I'm a runner.  I've been a runner for a long time off and on.  I really picked it up in the last few years because I wanted speed and stamina on the soccer field (those are things that aren't easy to come by as I get older).  Plus as an added bonus it's kept me fit and allows me to get away with eating things I want to eat.  Also I'm super competitive so it's fun when actually place in my age group!  Anyways, I come across many athletic brands that I like to wear because they help in my performance.  One such brand is InknBurn.  It's a brand of clothing created just for runners.  InknBurn is about 4 years old and based in Southern California.  They create small batches of products that are made with sweat wicking materials.  Patterns are applied to the soft, sweat wicking material using heat and pressure.  The ink actually stains the Dry I.C.E. Technical fabric and the process means no fading or peeling.  AWESOME!  But most importantly, this stuff feels amazing on.  The last thing I want is to be fiddling with my shirt or shorts during a race.  I've worn InknBurn to several street and trail races with zero tugging, slipping, picking or riding up.  If you haven't heard of this brand before I suggest you give it at try!  

*nothing to disclose*

I'm wearing the Women's Magnum PI Tech Shirt to the Xterra Adventure Fest in Maui 

Ok so first let me start by saying that InknBurn does limited runs of each item they make.  Once it's sold out it's gone.  So if you like a style you should just buy it because it will be hard to find it again later.  These are the Women's Water Shorts and they ARE IN STOCK in select sizes.  The Water Shorts are inspired by the rain and El Nino.  California is always in desperate need of rain so I'll wear these when I do my rain dance.  I love that the inside of the waist band has colorful umbrellas to contrast the blue water design on the outside.  

These shorts are fitted and just long enough that I never have to pick at them or yank them down.  My personal opinion is that the shorts run true to size.  The fabric is smooth and almost silky.  There are "built-in" underwear inside (this is a must for me!).  

There's also a handy pocket on the side of the shorts to fit an id, room card, money, phone, chapstick, gu packet...whatever you need on hand for a race or run.  

Here I am wearing the Women's Water Shorts and Women's Ella Singlet (sold out design) at the Rock Tahoe Half Marathon.  

The Women's Rose Tech Shirt was my first InknBurn purchase.  I love how colorful it is...I mean come on, rainbow roses!  These tech shirts sit perfectly on my broad shoulders and don't pinch in at all.  Plus they're just long enough that I don't worry about the shirt riding up thus leaving my stomach hanging out.  I feel the tech shirts run true to size. 

Had to share a closeup of the beautiful rainbow rose!  It also shows you what the fabric is like on the tech shirts.  Kind of a waffle look, meant to get the sweat off your body! 

I wore this to the Fro-Yo race and enjoyed a cup of fro-yo once I finished.  It was the race I had my friends run with me for my birthday.  The Rose Tech is a sold out design.  

Here's the Women's Abalone Singlet.  I love the abstract design this one, yet it does mimic the inside of an abalone shell quite well.  Too bad it doesn't have any iridescent or shimmery fabric on it!   So the singlets have a racerback style, but it's more of a full coverage racerback.  I feel the singlets run true to size.  

I wanted to give you a close up of the the fabric.  This tiny waffle-like fabric works like magic to keep the sweat off your body and feeling cool during a run.  

I wore the Abalone Singlet to the Brazen Trail Quake race and took first in my age group!

Last but not least are the Women's Chameleon Capri's.  I ordered these at the same time as the Rose Tech and I love them!  Again, such a fun and vibrant pattern, great use of colors.  I definitely get noticed on the track, street or trail when I wear these.  And other InknBurn fans always spot me from a mile away!   The fabric is smooth and soft, the fit is comfy, not too tight, but you also have room to breathe.  If you like a tighter fit you might want to try a size down.  

Here's the back of the capris. 

They have a handy pocket on the outside of the left leg.  It's small enough for money, room card, id, chapstick, gu, but stretches enough to fit a phone snugly without worry of it falling out.  

The capris also have a drawstring on the inside to tighten up the waist if you want an even snugger fit.  

Sorry that I don't have a picture wearing the Chameleon Capris!  I know I have one, I just can't find it!  So there you have it.  My thoughts on a running brand!  What did you think?  Should I do posts like this again?  Would you be interested in learning about more athletic gear?  I would love to add different content to my blog just to give you something different to read now and then!  

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