Saturday, December 17, 2016

Beauty Review: Ever After I'm So Jelly, Pumpkin Spice

Hi guys!  I've been so busy lately it's insane.  If I'm not running around doing errands or cleaning the house I'm doing things with the kids or at their school.  Or I'm at soccer.  Or I'm at a LulaRoe party.  Thankfully the kids are on vacation now so next week I'll be able to catch up on some posts that I've fallen behind on.  Today's quickie post before I run off to a birthday party - see, never a break to be had - is a product I got at the recent Indie Shop event in Torrance, CA.  I picked up some body care products, one of which is this interesting jelly soap from Ever After.  It's called I'm So Jelly and it was fun to touch and smelled amazing so I had to get it.  You can pick up jelly soaps in the Ever After shop now in 5 holiday scents for $4 each.  Read on for my thoughts on this product!

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First let's check out the container.  Nice sized jar, clear so you can see the product and you get 4 ounces of jelly soap.

Ingredients list.  Seems pretty self explanatory.  Plus there are all ingredients I've seen on soap labels before.   

Directions!  Simple enough.  Wet skin, remove a piece of the jelly and rub on.  

I love the color of the Pumpkin Spice jelly soap.  It's a gorgeous coppery shade and it's shimmery too!    It smells like everything pumpkin nd amazing that I want to eat all Fall season long!  

I've got a little video to show you how squishy the soap is.  

Ok, I pulled a chunk out.  It's not as soft or slippery as I expected it to be.  I had to scoop/rip it out.  Though the only other jelly soap I have ever touched is from Lush so that's all I've got to base this on.  

Alright, on to the trial test.  I found the jelly soap didn't lather well.  The chunk I pulled out barely dissolved and I had broke into smaller pieces of rubbery soap.  I decided that I needed to give it another shot in the shower.  I don't have pictures but I will tell you about that experience.  I ripped out a larger chunk this time and it seemed to work a little better.  Also the hot water made a little difference too.  But I still had very little lather or bubbles happening and the bottom of my shower was littered with large pieces of jelly soap.  So I wasn't really impressed with this product, I expected it to lather and dissolve better than it did.  The scent was light and lingered for a short time so I did enjoy that.  But after giving this product a few tries and having the same results I wouldn't purchase it again. 

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