Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Beauty Post: Full Brow Highlighter

Howdy all!   Today I have another beauty post to share with you.  Full Brow is another brand that I learned about while at CosmoProf in Las Vegas this past Summer.  It's an Australian based brand that niche is eyebrows and eyes!  I never used to do my eyebrows.  Never gave them a second thought.  Then I tried a brow product and I was hooked.  Now if I put on nothing else, I at least fill in my eyebrows.  Well Full Brow has everything you need to have absolutely perfect brows!  While I didn't get one of those awesome powders to try out I did get a highlighter.  You totally need one of these in your arsenal for a finished, and luminous look!  Ok so you need to head over to the website to see the brow powders, wax, smudge, and all the other good stuff.  But for now let's chat about the highlighter!

*press sample*

Full Brow: Website/Shop, Instagram

So here's the booth pictures from CPNA.  The wax and brow powders look amazing.  Plus the packaging is really eye-catching.  The bright colors scream "BUY ME"!

Prices shown on the chart are USD.  If you check out the website you'll see that they are in AUD.  

Brightening Eye Cream...sounds like amazing stuff!  I'll sign up for anything that will brighten my skin!  

Ok, now on to the post.  Here's the cute package and the highlighter pencil.  I don't have the box anymore so I am not sure if this is a sample size or the actual product size.  But it's totally tiny and cute.  

Makes me look like I have a huge paw for a hand.  

So this is a champagne color and it's gorgeous!  Full Brow recommends using this under your brow after you've put on shadow.  You can also use it on your cheek bone for some added wow factor.  

And here I am, so glamorous, with Full Brow Highlighter under my brows.  It's the perfect amount of luminescence and really helped my brows look more defined.  The pencil was soft but not too soft that it just smooshes into a lump.  It glided on easily.  So is this a product you would purchase?  

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