Monday, December 12, 2016

Joy Lacquer; Seattle Football Fans Collection

Good evening dears!  It feels so late because it's really dark, but it's only 6:30!  I swear I want to be in pajamas, cozied up on the couch and watching TV by 4:30 these days.  And I may do just that tonight, I'm currently addicted to the Hallmark channel and enjoying all the sappy Christmas movies. I really do love Candace Cameron Burre.  Actually the whole, stay in pjs and on the couch has been my mantra over the weekends and I watch football with my hubby.  I don't have a favorite team but I don't mind watching whatever game is on.  But I know who does have a favorite team, Joy from Joy Lacquer.  Joy created this collection for the 12/15 Seahawks vs the Rams game at Seattle's Century Link Field.  The Seahawks will join the NFL color rush initiative by wearing new uniforms at this game!  These polishes will be available on 12/13 for $10.50 each or you can get the mini set - featuring the new style of mini bottle - for $24.  And this week only you can save 25% on any (or all) of them with the code GREENTHURSDAY at checkout.  So let's jump in and check out these Seahawks inspired polishes!

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Up first is Green Thursday, created for the game on 12/15.  The Seahawks will be donning a new uniforms in this bright neon green shade called Action Green, and blue helmets.  This deep neon lime and a shifty teal flash with a linear holo finish.  The formula was creamy and opaque and I adore the bright color!  Such a nice pick me up during these gray, rainy days.  I used 2 coats for full coverage and a layer of topcoat.

Blue Friday is the way Seattle natives celebrate casual Friday.  Instead of t-shirts and jeans, they all throw on their Seattle jerseys in anticipation of the game that night.  This is a cobalt blue with royal blue shimmer.  It's really a perfect shade of blue with an equally perfect formula.  Opaque in 2 coats and topcoat for some extra shine.  No issues with formula or application to report.

Chain Gang is the crew that plays an important background role signaling officiator's decision during the game.  The polish is a rich shimmery pewter.  Another gorgeous color that will be great alone or in nail art.  Formula and application were both wonderful.  I used 2 coats and finished with topcoat.  

Seismic 12's was named in reference to some crazy 12's that were in the stadium cheering on the Seahawks so exuberantly that they actually caused the Richter scale to register an earthquake.  And if you are unsure, 12's or 12th man is a term for any teams fans.  This is a fun and vibrant mix of green and silver glitters.  Different shapes and sizes create an interesting look.  You can wear Seismic 12's over any base color but you'd probably want to wear it over some of these awesome Seahawks base shades!  I have Seismic 12's over Blue Friday in the first set of pictures shown.  I used 1 coat and was please with the glitter payoff.  Not too dense, not to sparse.  The glitter came out easily, no fishing required.  I finished with a layer of topcoat.  

I also have Seismic 12's over Chain Gang.  This time I used 2 coats to see how that would turn out and I liked it too!  You can see that 2 coats really gave a much denser layer of glitter and almost tricks my eyes into thinking the base color is a dark green.  All the same feelings I wrote above for formula and application.  I like how Seismic 12's looks with both 1 or 2 coats!  Try it out to see how you like it best! 

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