Thursday, December 22, 2016

Born Pretty Store Chameleon Mirror Nail Glitter Powder

Afternoon all!  For this post I'm featuring some Chameleon Mirror Nail Glitter Powder from Born Pretty store.  I haven't tried out chrome or chameleon powder before but it seems fairly simple so I figured I could do it.  If you want to try out the powder trend you can pick up this one HERE from Born Pretty Store.  You can get a 1 gram container for $1.99.  And don't forget you can save 10% using my code JTOW10.  

So let's jump in and check out the goods!

*press sample*

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Here's the cute packaging the chrome powder comes in. 

Ok first let's look at this gorgeous packaging!  Hello holo!  Looks like later beams!

You get this cute little container and a sponge brush.  

The powder looks like glittery snow.  

I know these powders are supposed to go over a gel that's been set under a UV light.  But I don't use gel and didn't want to try so I went with China Glaze Ever Glaze topcoat over a black base.  It's supposed to give you the same results as gel but you can remove it with acetone.  I gave it a good college try using the sponge application brush but it just wasn't working for me.  I found that rubbing the powder in with my finger worked best so that's what I did.  I felt it gave good coverage so I'd say if the sponge isn't working, try something else!  

I've got a little glitter powder all over my fingers!  Oops!

Ok so final result!  Looks like a deep green chrome polish.  It's very pretty but in the end I can get this result with an actual nail polish.  So would you jump on the chrome/holo/iridescent pigment train?  While I didn't love this, I do think it's pretty and would try another color in the future! 

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