Sunday, January 6, 2019

LeChat Dare to Wear: Veiled Secrets, Winter 2019

Evening!  Not sure if I am happy or sad that it's back to school tomorrow.  A little of both I guess.  Happy to get the kids out of my hair, sad to get back to waking up early, being on the go 24/7, taxi mom life after school.  Oh well...I will count the days until Ski Break in February!  Just wanted to pop in this rainy Sunday night, while I watch the Golden Globes, to share a stunning collection from Le Chat.  They have a new collection, the Veiled Secrets collection.  You will be able to pick up this collection in regular lacquer, Perfect Match Gel AND Perfect Match Dip!  I have the Dips so I will be trying those out soon to show how they work and gauge how they wear.  For now I have the Veiled Secrets lacquers and I'm smitten. 5 beautiful shades with a sparkly topper.  You'll be able to pick up the Veiled Secrets shades now for $6.95.  Let's check them out.

*press sample*

Going lightest to darkest, here's Stolen Glances.  It's the palest pink creme.  Actually it's the creamiest creme of the bunch (the rest are more of a crelly).  I did feel this one was just a touch difficult to even out so I used 3 coats to get it all level.  Otherwise, great color, refreshing and pretty.  3 coats plus topcoat used.  

Tell Me Lies is a soft pink with mauve undertones.  It's a crelly formula so it's nice and glossy.  Also, I can't help but hear the Fleetwood Mac song in my head.  Gorgeous color, great formula, perfect application.  3 thin coats to build up to opacity.  Finished with topcoat.  

Now we have Private Party, the topper!  A perfect blend of silver holo and iridescent glitters.  I wondered if this would build up on it's own, I get the feeling it would, but with some visible nail line.  So I went ahead and layered it over Tell Me Lies.  1 coat was great, but 2 coats was better...I love my bling, baby!  Great coverage, great formula, great application.  2 coats plus topcoat.  

Behind Closed Doors is a lovely medium toned grey creme.  I adored this on me and think it'll go right back on tonight.  What better color to wear after a gloomy weather day that is supposed to roll in to tomorrow.  Rainy day colors are perfect right now!  The formula/application were perfect too!  I used 2 coats and topcoat to finish.  

Hush-Hush is another pretty purple!  This collection is purple heavy if you hadn't noticed.  This one is a greyed out purple crelly.  It's my favorite of the purple shades. It was just so effortless to apply and looks so shiny.  Swoon!  2 easy coats for full coverage.  Topcoat used.  

And last is Midnight Rendezvous, a deep and dusky purple crelly.  I love shades like this, especially in the Winter.   All thumbs up for the formula and application.  2 coats used for full coverage, finished with topcoat.  

Just for fun I did an ombre mani and topped it with Private Party!  Love how it looks!  Such an easy and fun mani.  

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