Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Stella Chroma: Winter 2018/2019, Constellation Trio

Evening friends!  I hope your Tuesday was better than my babe's.  He got shots this morning and the poor fella wanted to be in my arms all day long.  So let me just say that along with a cranky baby is an exhausted mama (= also cranky).  It's 6:50pm and I'm about to call it a night.  But before I drag myself to bed I wanted to share the stunning Constellation Trio from Stella Chroma.  This released on Black Friday so you've probably seen it already.  But if not, it's Pam's first magnetic collection!  The Constellation Trio sell individually for $12 each.  Don't forget you can save 15% using my code MNPO.  Let's jump in to the post so I can go to bed!

*press sample*

This is Gemini.  It's a black jelly with magnetic shifting flakes that show off brown, green and gold.  I love the blackened look because it really helps show off all the color shifts.  This did have a thinner formula, but I had no problems building it up in 3 coats.  I held the bar magnet over the third, wet coat.

Up next is Orion.  This one is a black jelly base with violet, blue and green magnetic flakies.  Beautiful shifts in this polish.  The darker green really plays well with the black base.  But then that purple pop shows up, well hello there!  This one was thinner than Orion, and it pulled a bit, leaving me with a small bald spot on my index finger.  But that's totally user error as I didn't let it dry enough between layers.  It's actually my favorite of the 3!  The magnetic effect showed up easily and strong!   3 coats, no topcoat.  

And last but not least is Perseus.  This one is another black jelly, but it's packed full of magnetic flakes that show off gold, bronze, red and violet.  I feel like this one will be a nice Valentine's Day polish too - it has all the color schemes peeps like for the romantic holiday.  I used 3 thin coats to build up the opacity. Then like the others, I held the bar magnet over the 3rd, wet coat.  No topcoat.  

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