Thursday, January 10, 2019

Sally Hansen X Crayola Insta-Dri: Glam Rock Collection

Good afternoon!  How's your Thursday?  I have a sick kiddo at home again today.  So I really did a lot of nothing.  I've kept the 3 of us feed and warm, I got the other 2 off to school on time, so I guess I'll call today a win!  I am really hoping to get out for a walk or run this evening so fingers crossed today isn't an entire wash.  I did make strides with swatching polish yesterday so that was great too!  Today I have a really fun collection to share with you.  I'm sure you remember the adorable Salt Hansen X Crayola collection that came out last Spring...a set of pretty cremes inspired by crayon colors.  Well the duo put their heads together again and came out with the Glam Rock Collection!  This collection is packed full of 12 metallic shades in the Insta-Dry finish.  I am 100% on board with this collection from the packaging to the presentation to the colors to the polishes!  Win win win.  You should be able to find these shades at your local drug store.  They should be about $5 each.  I am not sure about the packaging - if it's available or if it was just for promotional use.  But now I have to admit I am smitten with the Crayola shades and am hunting Amazon and Ebay for the older ones.  Ok ok, but I should finish the post first!  Let's jump in!

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I had to show you the packaging that the Glam Rock Collection arrived in.  First off I noticed what an odd shape the shipping box was, I guarantee they had someone in the PR office hand cutting boxes to fit the contents.  Then I opened it and was completely wow'd by this cute guitar case!  Loved the "stickers" on it and couldn't wait to see what was inside!

And here's what was inside!  A guitar housing the Sally Hansen X Crayola Insta-Dri Glam Rock Collection!  

I think it's absolutely adorable that they included the matching crayons!  And they both have the same name if you ever wanted to try and match them up. 

My daughter was super happy to get some brand new, metallic shiny crayons!

Ok, let's get to the polishes.  There are 12 total and they all have the same metallic finish.  So I'm only sharing 2 pictures of each color to spare you hours pouring over them all!  And to make it even easier, I will just share the name, color and number of coats...since the formula and application on each was pretty dang stellar.  No complaints on either from me.  And I didn't use topcoat on any of my swatches.

Razzmic Bery: metallic purple
2 coats 

Shimmering Blush: metallic rose pink
2 coats

Big Dip O'Ruby: rusty red-brown
2 coats

Bittersweet Shimmer: burnt red-orange
2 coats

Alloy Orange: dusty orange
2 coats

Metallic Sunburst: golden yellow
2 coats

Sheen Green: astroturf green
2 coats

Metallic Seaweed: teal
2 coats

B'Dazzled Blue: dark blue, almost navy
1 coat

Sonic Silver: steel silver
2 coats

Deep Space Sparkle: charcoal 
2 coats

Blast Off Bronze: antique bronze
1-2 coats

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  1. I'd like to pick up a couple of these prettie; I can't find the blue on-line. Do you know if they were a limited collection?