Saturday, January 19, 2019

Zoya: Jubilee Collection, Holiday 2018

Hello, happy Saturday!  This post is long overdue as it is the Zoya Holiday collection.  Holiday time for me is usually really hectic and on top of that my family grew.  I also took a look at this collection and it didn't really scream holiday to me anyways so I decided that sharing it any time during the Winter would suffice.  And Zoya is currently having a "get 4 FREE" deal and all you need to do is pay the shipping.  Use code Hue19 and see more info for the deal HERE.  So really, I helped save you money if you wanted any of these and waited until now to buy.  You're welcome. Now let's jump on in to the post and check out the lovely 12-piece collection that is Jubilee!  Oh, these up for $10 each or pre-selected 6 piece sets for $60 without the deal.  

*press sample*

Carson is all kinds of perfect! It's a pinky-brown creme and one of the pettiest neutrals I have put on my nails!    Awesome formula, perfect application and coverage in 2 coats.  No topcoat.

Leigh is a cream creme (you like that, haha!).  It's actually pretty dang close to the shade I like my coffee. Another fabulous formula and full coverage application.  Only 2 coats needed.  No topcoat.  

Allison is a fuchsia-red creme.  Very nice shade, vibrant and cheery.  Great formula and application.  2 coats for almost full coverage (why do reds always have such thin formula and leave me with VNL?).  No topcoat.  

Here's a fun one!  And a new finish for Zoya too!  Leopard Spots is a crackle polish, much like back in the 2012/2013 days when they first came out (but if you really look around you'll see it's even older than that).  Though they lost their steam fairly quickly and most makers abandoned them.  I don't know why because crackle finish is cool and such an easy way to create a nail art look.  But I find the name Leopard Spots confusing since a) this is not spots and doesn't even remotely look like leopard spots, and b) there's actually a glitter shape that IS leopard spots.  But it applied perfectly in the one brush stroke (don't do more than one).  You could leave it as is for a matte look or add topcoat for a shiny finish.  I have Leopard Spots on over Allison. 1 thin coat, no topcoat.  

Astrid is the most holiday-ish one in the collection.  Because it's all sparkly and golden and dressed up.  It's a fantastic gold with density packed glitters making it easy to built up on it's own in 3 coats.  I think it would work over base colors too if you went with 1 or 2 thin coats.  No topcoat used.  

Taryn is a lovely and vibrant magenta full of same tone shimmer.  Beauty!  Awesome formula and application.  No issues with either.  2 coats and no topcoat.  

Oh yes, there are Pixies!  It's been a while since Zoya put out Pixies and they are my favorite texture polishes!  This is Cookie and she's a cool purple full of gold sparkles.  2 coats for full coverage and all the texture goodness!  No topcoat.  

Kateri is a delectable dark chocolate brown creme.  So lovely, so yummy!  Now excuse me while I go eat a piece of chocolate.  Only 1 coat needed here for full coverage.  No topcoat.  

Maxine is a classic red creme.  I mostly see red here but there is just the tiniest bit of pink undertone to it.  Can't have a holiday or Winter collection without a red like this!  Also, it was only 1 coat!!  No topcoat.  

Juniper is another textured polish, yay!  I preferred this color to Cookie because the teal color is so deep and saturated and the silver sparkles really show up well.  But it stained my nails and fingers so badly it looked like I killed a Smurf.  Thankfully I used my trusty stain removing method (see it HERE) and they all came off so I could continue with my swatching.  Too bad, because I really loved this shade but the staining was really bad.  2 coats and no topcoat.  **now that I am looking at the Zoya website info I see that they have a disclaimer for staining. 

Chira is a deep purple creme.  I think this one will be perfect for your upcoming Mardi Gras manis!  Nice color, but not original or unique.  Nice formula, good application.  2 coats, no topcoat.  

And lastly we have Danica.  This is a beautiful deep teal creme.  But I was nervous after my staining debacle with Juniper.  This is essentially the same color.  And it also has a disclaimer that stainage could happen.  I used 2 coats and no topcoat.  Maybe because I removed it almost immediately it did no stain me at all, thank you Tom Cruise.  

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  1. Lol that you like your coffee like Leigh. I love Astrid. My stand out favorite.

  2. If you do the lightest coat of the leopard spot crackle over a pixie dust, it settles out to cover only the top of textured bits with teeny spots, which is different and kind of neat. Just takes the littlest bit of the black though, in one quick coat.

  3. Leopard Spots looks awesome over Allison!