Friday, April 26, 2019

Skin Care Review; Wild Seeds Utility Cream - Basil products, Mini Stick Balms

Happy Friday!  I was trying to get this up earlier in the day but it just didn't happen.  Better late than never?  I have posted about Wild Seeds Utility Cream in the past.  If you mosey on over to my link HERE you will see that they have lots of balms for your body that help with a slew of things.  Well they had some new products that I was uber excited to try and am now totally addicted to!  I have a few lip balms to share, a new balm and a deodorant stick!  These items range from $7 - $30, shipping is extremely fast, and as always, if you want the THC/CBD infused product just shoot them an email (not sure how that works for states that have not legalized marijuana - might just be shipping the infused blends to CA at the moment).  Let's jump in and check out the products! 

*press sample*
*purchased by me*

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Let's start with the Basil balm.  First of all, it smells great!  Like a fantastic blend of fresh basil and CBD.  Just like all the other balms, it rubs on smooth and absorbs quickly, leaving behind super moisturized skin.  The Basil balm is great for adding luster to skin and hair, also helping to even out skin tone AND help reduce stretch marks!  That's what sucked me in!  I've been using it on the stretch marks around my belly button and feel they have vastly improved over the last few months with continued use.  I will spare you pictures of my 4-baby carrying belly and  stretched out, 1/2 innie 1/2 outie belly button.  Just know that I am pleased with the how my stretch marks have softened and lightened. The Basil balm comes in 1oz ($15) or 2oz ($30).

Armpits and Feet is another new to me product.  There are 4 scent blends and Basil + Bergamot is the only one made with activated charcoal.  This keeps odors at bay for hours and isn't loaded up with chemicals that are bad for you.  The scent isn't really noticeable, less like basil than the others.  Because this is actually black in color you apply it then rub it in.  I don't have stinky feet so I tried it on my pits, which get quite stinky from hard workouts and getting sweaty chasing after my kids.  It definitely works but it does need reapplication after about 4/5 hours. And it's not an antiperspirant so I did still get wet spots on my shirts.  So my plan using this going forward is tank tops and reapply halfway through the day!  Some of these are on sale and currently range from $5 - $10.  

 Looks like this when you put the products on your skin

 A quick rub and the deodorant absorbs in and the color disappears 

And now my most favorite Mini Balm Stick, Basil.  It's a little green tube of miracle worker.  I used it as a lip balm only and it's so velvety soft and smooth.  Perfect level of emollient and not shiny at all, so use it if you want a matte/natural look.  I got the CBD infused blend and feel the additional oil really helped make it feel so amazing on my lips.  But my sad panda story is my kids either swiped it or I lost it so I need another ASAP!  I would like to add that my kids get chapped lips something fierce!  They hate when I hand them a carmex or peppermint chapstick type balm that "stings" their lips.  All of the Mini Balm Sticks from Wild Seeds soothe and DO NOT sting their lips.  They are also big fans!  The Mini Balm Sticks are $7 each.

Since I lost Basil I decided to buy replacements - and for the sake of sharing I got different ones so I could tell you about them too! I picked up a Blue Tansy and Sandalwood Mini Stick Balms.  Blue Tansy is great for acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and the antibacterial properties make it great for fighting off cold sores.  It has a light essential oil scent, but mostly reminds me of avocado oil.  It's almost as emollient as the Basil, but not quite there.  Same no-gloss formula so great for anyone that needs some lip protection but doesn't want to blind people with their shiny lips.  

Sandalwood is another great protect your lips from the harsh elements balm.  It's meant to smooth fine lines and nourish the skin.  You can also put a little dab under your eyes to help moisturize that delicate area.  I love what this one does, but I am not a huge fan of the scent.  I feel like I am running a Christmas Tree on my mouth.  Vey woodsy, very manly (IMO).  I also don't think it's nearly as emollient as the others and I need to reapply it more frequently.  

For the record, I have ordered another Basil (without the TCH/CBD) and a Happy Lips.  Guys I am addicted to these lip balms!  And just for fun, here's a glamour shot of me holding a Wild Seeds Mini Stick Balm (it's Happy Lips - which is my second favorite to the infused Basil balm).  Don't I look awesome?  



  1. I like the mini balm stick! The blue tansy sounds great because of all the benefits! And I like how sandalwood can smooth fine lines, but I'm also not a fan of sandalwood scents.

  2. I would love to try the balm! I have some inner thigh stretch marks that need some tlc.