Thursday, April 4, 2019

April 2019 Polish Pickup & Indie Pickup; Famous Works of Art

Hey hey guys! I'm sharing this post pretty close to the going live date. Construction at my house has gotten pretty crazy and I'll be moving out next week (possibly for 2 weeks) while they re-do the wood floors.  I really have no idea how I'll get any blogging done during that time so I guess I'll just see how things all turn out.  But tomorrow morning the PPU/IPU goes live and you'll be able to shop to your hearts content.  The April theme is Famous Works of Art.  Not the most exciting theme IMO, but lots of great inspiration for the polishes so that works.  The Pickups will be open 4/5 - 4/8 and I'll put pricing and cap info for each item separately below.  Shall we jump in and check it out?  Ok then, let's go!

*press sample*

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This is ellagee Autochrome 1914.  It's a chrome holo with red/brown flakes.  Pretty shade, the flakes make it interesting.  Plus I've always loved a silver chrome holo.  Inspired by a photo of the Moulin Rouge in Paris.  Application was smooth and opaque.  2 coats plus topcoat.
Autochrome 1914 will be $12, no cap. 

Alter Ego Vega 208 vasarely 1968 is a medium green creme base with red and blue flakes scattered sparsely about.  This was inspired by Victor Vasarely, the founder of Op Art.  Formula was smooth for the most part, but I did get a few flakes that decided to clump together and they cased some bumps on my nails.  3 coats and topcoat used. 
Vega 208 vasarely 1968 is $8.50, no cap.  

Lollipop Posse has Images of Broken Light, inspired by the glass sculptures by Jack Storms.  It's a soft purple base with some green/aqua/purple shifting aurora shimmer, holo micro flakes and shifty iridescent flakes.  I love the shift in this one, so notable and gorgeous!  Plus the aqua against purple is one of my favorite contrasts.  Great formula and applied wonderfully.  3 coats plus topcoat.  
Images of Broken Light will be $13, no cap.  

Dreamland Lacquer Giverny is a stunning aqua jelly with tiny holo glitters and iridescent flakes.  I see some pink to blue shift in the flakes.  I'm totally loving this color, so serene and beautiful.   I used 3 coats and topcoat. This polish was inspired by Nymphea, painted in 1915 by Claude Monet. 
Giverny will be $12, 270 bottle cap.  

KBShimmer made Wave After Wave, a gorgeous magnetic polish inspired by a sea/shipwreck painting by Ivan Aivazovsky called The Ninth Wave.  It starts out as a dusty gray shade and when you use the magnet over it you see the gold flakes and copper/red to gold shimmer.  So pretty!  I love it alone and with the magnet.  I used 2 coats for full coverage and finished with topcoat.  
Wave After Wave will be $10, no cap.  

Stella Chroma has 3 (THREE) offerings for us this month!  She was inspired by Salvador Dali's Swans Reflecting Elephants and came up with Reflecting Dali.  This beauty is a black jelly packed full of flakes.  The magnetic multi chrome flakes shift through lots of colors; gold, yellow, green, purple.  Such a pretty blend of colors with a fun effect.  Great formula and application.  I used 3 coats plus topcoat.  
Reflecting Dali will be $12, no cap.  

The Stella Chroma Sugar Scrub scent the month is Beechwood Vetiver.  Oh this scent is luxurious!  It reminds me of high-end beach and resort wear stores.  It's a blend of jasmine, coconut, carnation, vetiver and eucalyptus.  Of course the scrub itself is amazing as always.  The dry skin is sloughed ff and I'm left with soft, moisturized skin.
Beechwood Vetiver Emulsified Sugar Scrub will be $5.50 for a 2.5oz jar, no cap. 

And Stella Chroma's first venture to the Indie Pickup, another scrub!  This one is her Coffee Body Polish.  The scent is called Straight Up as it's just coffee scented (meaning no additional scents were added).  This was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's Cafe Terrace at Night.  It's just as moisturizing as the sugar scrub but with the addition of coffee grounds and turbinado sugar make it more gritty for the rougher areas of your body - I used it on my feet, elbows, knees for soft and refreshed skin.  Caffeine is also known for helping to tone the skin when used topically and the scent will totally help wake you up in the morning!  Coffee Body Polish will be $12.50, no cap.  

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