Saturday, April 13, 2019

KBShimmer Launch Party Trio

Morning friends!  I've been staying at my parents house this week since lots of construction things are going on over at mi casa.  It's been like a staycation for the kids and with the boys soccer practices being moved to the school around the corner it's been a relaxing week for me too!  So with my crazy life I'm behind on posts. Big surprise.  I feel like I'm always behind right now.  Oh well, hoping to catch up soon though so you can see all the lovely polishes and things before they actually come out.  So tonight I have the KBShimmer Launch Party Trio to share with you.  These were released on 4/8 (I believe), so maybe there are some of you who were waiting for 'even more' swatches or payday or something else?  Anywho, here's the awesome Launch Party Trio.  3 fantastic magnetic toppers that are definitely worth writing home about.  They are $10 each, or $30 for all 3 plus the ring magnet.  You can get the ring magnet for $3 alone.  Let's check out my pics!  

*press sample*

Starting the party off with Moon On Over.  It's a shifty, multichrome magnetic that boasts shades of peach, pink, lime and green. It's loaded with micro holo flakes for a little extra pizazz.  You can wear this alone, but it looks best over a black base.  I have KBShimmer Eclipse on 3 of my fingers and my ring finger is 3 coats of Moon On Over alone.  Really pretty polish, lots of colors and sparkle going on.  I do prefer it over black because then all that beauty really pops.  And can I just say how FAB the ring magnet is?!  Probably my favorite type of magnet I have ever tried. The nails that started with Eclipse as a base only have 1 coat of Moon On Over.  

Up next is Sol Mate.  Cute name, beautiful polish.  Again, it's a magnetic multi chrome with holo flakes.  I see shades of pink, gold, green, copper and peach.  And the ring magnet is so strong you get that pull so easily!  No problems with formula or application.   I did the same thing as last time, 3 nails with Eclipse as a base and my ring finger with 3 coats of Sol Mate alone.  I again feel this looks better over black as the base really helps everything to just pop out at you.  I used 1 coat of Sol Mate over Eclipse for those nails. 

And last but not least is my favorite - Universal Appeal.  This was created to mimic the Milky Way, a swirl of colors and sparkles in space.  I think Christy nailed it!  This multichrome magnetic has shades of purple, pink and emerald green to woo you.  I know it woo'ed me!  And I found the formula to be a bit more creamy and opaque than the other 2, so much so that it wasn't too much of a difference between Universal Appeal alone and UA over Eclipse.  I like it both ways!  Just in case you forgot, I have 1 coat of Universal Appeal over Eclipse on 3 nails and Universal Appeal in 3 coats alone on my ring finger.  Which way do you think is better?  

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  1. Moon on over is my fav!! I love that you showed them on their own but I def love them over black more!

  2. Sol mate and universal appeal are my picks

  3. Stunning! I love magnetics in general but these are just gorgeous.

  4. Multichrome magentics are one of the best things that have come out in the last year!

  5. Sol Mate is certainly my favorite! I really need to pick up a few of their magnetic lacquers.