Sunday, November 24, 2019

Alter Ego: November 2019 Group Custom - Black Berry Looper

Good morning!  I feel so refreshed this Sunday.  I'm up before half of my kids and my daughters bff who spent the night.  Listening to my hubby snore in bed while I'm down the hall on the couch drinking my coffee in peace.  I'm throwing together a little "brunch" for the kids and taking a few me minutes to paint my nails and type up this post.  Today I am featuring the Alter Ego November Group Custom.  This is Black Berry Looper and it's totally reminiscent of a frosted Christmas Tree (at least to me it is).  You can purchase this for $10 and as always, save 20% using my code My Nail Polish Obsession.  Let's check it out. 

*press sample*

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Black Berry Looper is a frosty pine green with a metallic-y finish. There's a bit of a brownish color to the undertone.  I fell it's pretty unique!  I do feel the shimmer makes it a little streaky but overall the formula and application were great, no problems.  Black Berry Looper was named after the emerald moth (I actually still need to look up a picture of it!).  I used 2 coats for full coverage and no topcoat.

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