Sunday, November 10, 2019

Simple Fall Gradient with Zoya Leigh & Cam

Evening all!  It was a soccer filled weekend for me again.  My boys have a loaded end of the season so it's going to be games upon games upon games until mid December while most other clubs have ended or are about to end.  But it's ok, I just out on my Soccer Mom hat and enjoy the time spent with my kids.  Anywho, I recently used this gradient for a Halloween mani but wanted to share the gradient itself since it was pretty cute for the season.  I used Zoya's for this and both shades are still available!  Let's check it out.  

*press sample*

I started this gradient out with a base of Zoya Leigh.  It's a beautiful creamy nude with just a touch of orange in the undertone.  It worked perfectly with Zoya Cam for an orange gradient.  Both shades were easy to sponge on to create a perfect Autumn, orange mani.

And just because I had a squeezy pumpkin I thought I'd take a picture or two with it. 

And look how cute my mani is with the book I am currently reading.  Yeah, I don't read anything heavy or insightful - I like magical, whimsical and lighthearted reads. 

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  1. I love this gradient! The two colors go together so well but are different enough to give a good contrast. Love it.

  2. This is such a great look. I'm surprised I like the orange in this but the gradient makes it so interesting.

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