Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Fit Snack Box; October 2019

Good afternoon!  Making this a quickie post because I don't want you to miss out on this awesome snack box!  This is the October Fit Snack box and it's available until 11/15.  It's packed full of healthy snack choices, things that are easily packable to take on the go. They'll help get you though the gym, a trail run, yoga, or just a long day with your kids.  This box had multiple doubles so it was great to try different flavors the brands offer.  You can save 30% off your first box using my code HERE.

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SinFit Protein Cookies are a big draw for me (and my kids....and apparently my husband).  They come from SinFit Nutrition and the brand has protein powders, pancake mix/syrup, cookies, nut spreads and bars.  The flavors range from chocolate to fruit cereal.  Some are even caffeinated.  But talking about these cookies, I received Snickerdoodle Chocolate Chip Cookie and Birthday Cake Cookie.  The snickerdoodle was delicious and chocolate-cinnamony with crunchy bits on top. Birthday cake was like a cake - party time! It had lots of candy coated sprinkle pieces on top.  Both were coated in a chocolate/candy icing.  Both were soft and yummy.  And both are packed with 20 grams of protein.  2-0!  You want a sweet treat after your pre or post workout, this will fit the bill!

I like that they added this recipe on back for a cookie sandwich.  

SuperSeedz are a returner and a family favorite over here!  I always love pumpkin seeds, they are such a delish addition to my soups and salads.  I love eating them by the handful when I roast the ones we pull out of to carved pumpkins for Halloween.  But why don't I eat them like that year round??  I will now that I know of SuperSeedz.  And they have plenty of yummy flavors!  I got to try Maple Sugar & Sea Salt and it was the perfect blend of sweet and salt.  Not overly sweet like a maple donut (totally not knocking a donut because I sure do love 'em).  And you can still taste the pumpkin seed flavor underneath.  Goooood eats! 

Bob's Red Mills Bob's Better Bars are sturdy bars that won't get smashed up and disintegrate in your gym or diaper bag.  And their flavors are appealing to all ages.  Who doesn't like peanut butter and jelly or apple spice (tastes like apple pie)?  What I like about both of these bars is that you can taste each flavor listed and none of it is fake flavor.  These aren't pretty to look at but they are yummy and healthy and full of whole grain goodness.  You get 7 grams of protein per bar and they are gluten free.

I received another single serving packed to Purely Inspired Organic Protein plant based nutrition in French Vanilla.  I have tried this brand and flavor before.  It does have a vanilla flavor but there's another flavor I am not quite used to and can't place.  Anyways, if you are in need of a quick protein shake after a workout this is a great option.  Plus it's nice to have this pre-sized packet to have on hand. 

Vahdam Tea is 100% pure Indian tea.  This company has a huge tea selection! My biggest complaint is they don't carry decaf - which is what I drink.  Some seem to come loose leaf and others are in single use dunk bags.  Take a look on their site and see if there are any teas for you! 

Palmonds from AKA Snacks were a big hit last time I received them.  I had to fight my daughter to get one or two after I tasted them.  She got all grabby hands and ate almost all of them!  I got Salty Sweet flavor and it's a bit like soy sauce but sweet.  Maybe more like the coconut amino sauce that you can get at natural food store to replace soy sauce.  You get 10 grams of protein with these! These are crunchy and flavorful and I always enjoy receiving them. 

I was lucky to get 2 bags of IncrediPuffs from The Snack Brigade.  I got Sizzlin' Sriracha and Cinnamon Apple Pie.  the sriracha flavor was instantly hot on my tongue.  But uber flavorful.  I really liked it.  My oldest son was a huge fan and took the bag from me.  Cinnamon Apple Pie was somehow totally buttery and amazing. I felt like I was eating crunchy pie crust.  My youngest son liked these!  You can eat the IncrediPuffs with no guilt - 1 bag is 100 calories.  

The last snack I got was Wicked Cutz Smoked Mesquite beef stick.  This is like a grown up slim jim. So much better!  The flavor is meaty and smoked but not overly so (sometimes I don't like that).  I also like that this beef stick isn't dried out and hard to chew like other beef jerky products.  Wicked Cute has beef sticks (hello Volcano jalapeño sounds crazy good) and traditional beef jerky.  This beef stick is gluten free and has no added nitrates.  You also get 15 grams of protein per stick.  

And a sneak peek at the workout sheet for October!  Stay fit my friends!

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  1. I’m kind of amazed at all the protein packed in these tasty sounding snacks. 20 grams in the cookies was shocking!

  2. OK, this box has me really looking into buying this. My husband has been on this kick of making our meals 50% plant based and I see a lot of these snacks hit into that category. :)

  3. This box sounds like your best yet. I know I'd like the cookies.

  4. Those protein cookies look amazing!! Now I want one :)

  5. This box looks awesome! I want to try the protein cookies!