Thursday, November 7, 2019

Borghese X Maniglovz: Turn Back the Hands of Time LE Gift Set

This is a fun season.  Not only are companies pumping out awesome new products, but they are also collaborating with other great brands for LE gift sets and holiday only promotions.  My perfect example for you is this Borghese X ManiGlovz set featuring hand protecting gloves and a fantastic mud mask.  This set is all about protecting your hands from harmful rays (both sun and LED light).   You can purchase the Turn Back the Hands of Time LE Gift Set at either Borghese or ManiGlovz and it's on sale right now for $55!  Let's jump in and learn about the products. 

*press sample provided by ManiGlovz*

Borghese: Shop, Facebook, Instagram
Maniglovz: Shop, Facebook, Instagram

First off I think this gift set is really different and fun.  It's definitely geared towards a nail polish, mani loving person.  First give your hands a fab mud mask to lighten spots and tighten skin the slip on the gloves to protect from harmful rays (from the sun and the salon mani lamps).  I know I'd be thrilled to receive a Turn Back the Hands of Time LE Gift Set and can also think of a dozen people that would also love this luxurious gift!

ManiGlovz are fun and colorful fingerless gloves that provide you with sunblock protection from damaging sun rays and also blocks the rays from LED and UV lights.  I will admit that I have noticed the beginnings of some age spots so I will likely use these when I drive (which is a lot - I am a kid chauffeur).  Look how great this pattern is!  Colorful and fun!  A pair of ManiGlovz is $24 and there are so many patterns to chose from.  These gloves are soft and fitted but stretchy.  

Borghese included a Fango Uniforme Brightening Mud Mask.  This is meant to clarify skin, even skin tone and brighten skin.  You can lather on a generous layer to the backs of your hands or face for the benefits.  I have never tried a mud mask so I went ahead and tried out both (face and hands) and was more than pleasant surprised!  My skin in both areas felt very clean, very bright and smooth.  The Fango Uniforme Brightening Mud Mask on it's own is $48.  I think I'll be going through this pretty quickly!  

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  1. I have tried that mud mask many years ago and I liked it.

  2. I'm with Kath! This mask takes me way back to my early blogging days circa 2010. It was one of my favorites back then!