Monday, November 11, 2019

Madam Glam: Chrome Powders - Apollo 11, Calypso & Misty

Good afternoon!  I just got back home from participating in our local Veteran's Day parade.  I walked with my daughters Girl Scout troop and the girls waved flags and handed out handmade thank you cards to the Veterans they saw along the route.  It was a really great parade and we had a nice time out there appreciating those who have served our country.  Now I'm home waiting for the 49er game to start and figured I'd jump on here and get some work done!  Today's post features more chrome powders from Madam Glam.  I love they variety of colors offered in this shop and that you can use these over any base color.  Especially the ones that have a bit of a color shift - they look different over  all kinds of color bases!  You can pick up the chrome powders on sale for about $12 per 5 gram jar.  If you use my code jennyt30 you'll save 30% off your order. Let's check out the post! 

Side note - these all appear to be in the Outlet section of the shop so possibly they are going to stop carrying them?
*press sample*

I applied these powders the "non-gel" way.  Basically I start with a base of UNT, base color, yellow stopper, liquid latex around nails, chrome powder, UNT, topcoat.  I applied all 3 over white and black bases.

Up first I have Apollo II. This is a white with silver speckles and an iridescent finish.  It showed up as a deep purple with green shift.  

Calypso is the same as Apollo II with it's white base, silver speckles and iridescent finish.  But the color shifts I see are burgundy, gold, green, blue and oink depending on the base color.  

And finally we have Misty, the stunner of the 3 I had to try out. Same color and finish but with blue, blurple and purple shades.  Love how color saturate this one is and how the shimmer looks over the white.  

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  1. I've never tried a nail powder before but that white one looks gorgeous!

  2. You got me intrigued with the nail powder. Must try next

  3. I actually really like it both ways!

  4. I've never tried a nail powder before. I love these over the black, especially the blue one.

  5. I’ve never tried nail powder, but it always looks so neat! Those shifts are beautiful!