Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lacquistry Vegas Baby!

Hello polish friends!  I have a pretty little glitter bomb to share today!  I am quite a sucker for glitter bombs and rainbow glitter so this was just up my alley!  Also - it REALLY makes me want to go to Vegas.  Although I always have a couple issues with going to Vegas.  1. I have to take my kids because I have separation issues.  2. Even if I wanted to leave them no one wants to watch 3 little monsters over any period of time.  3. If I went I wouldn't get to have any adult fun because the kids are there.  4. I don't even like to gamble.  So until my kids are older and I don't freak out leaving them behind I will just have to enjoy Vegas on my nails.  

This is Lacquistry Vegas Baby!  One day a couple weeks ago I was browsing Facebook and came across a post by Lacquistry!  She just announced a restock!  I rushed over to see what fun glitter polishes Jenna had in store and BAM - Vegas Baby! landed in my cart and was on it's way to me almost immediately!  Do you want to know something?  My very first indie brands were Lacquistry and Nerd Lacquer!  I was lost down the rabbit hole after that.  But I digress.  Vegas Baby! is a gorgeous blend of multi colored glitter in a clear base with magenta micro glitters to round it out!  I especially love the silver and gold holo glitters!  So blingy, I just love everything about it.  Application was wonderful, loads of glitter came out very easily and spread on my nails well.  The formula was also great with perfect glitter suspension.  I used 2 coats of Vegas Baby! over 2 coats of Bettina Marshmallow.  Marshmallow is an off white creme polish that is very pretty and different.  It's less stark that regular white polish.  It was a tad streaky but it wasn't difficult to work with.  I won the Bettina from a nice little giveaway hosted by Confessions Of A Polishaholic!  I finished this mani with 1 layer of topcoat.

Lacquistry: Facebook, Shop

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  1. This is gorgeous! Love the multi color, it can go with any base color :) Your mani is perfect!