Friday, August 16, 2013

Lilypad Lacquer True Blood

Good morning deal readers!  I've been on a bit of a holo kick lately, have you noticed?  I just can't get enough of those gorgeous rainbows!  I feel like I've been buying them up with wild abandon and guess what...I'm not even looking back to see my path of destruction.  How do you feel about holos?  They definitely rank as my favorite type of nail polish with glitter bombs as a close second place.  Textures have stolen my heart as well, but they sit happily at 3rd place.  But this post features a holo.  A holo unlike any that I have, in a color that so gorgeous I cried a little when I took it off.  So let's talk a about Lilypad Lacquers.  This is another brand that comes from Australia...there must be something in the water over there because it seems all the Aussie brands really rock!  Lilypad Lacquers is available on Etsy if you are an Aussie native, which I'm not (I'm sharing that page because it shows the entire polish line at Lilypad - happy browsing).  You will be happy to know that Llarowe carries the brand.   I snagged this baby and now I want more!  Lilypad is on Facebook and Instagram (lilypadlacquer). 

True Blood.  It comes from the Colour My World collection and the entire collection is pretty stunning!  You should check it out.  But I want to share my feelings about True Blood.  I'm in love.  True Blood is gorgeous.  It's described by the maker as an "intense deep purpley red/burgundy holographic nail lacquer."  I'd say that's a spot on description.    What I think I love most about this polish is that (of course) it has a super noticeable holo effect and the holo also seems to be full of sparkly granules!  Almost like it's a linear and scattered holo at the same time!  It reminds me of the Mish Mash Ozotics in a way, but with a more saturated color payoff.  I used 2 coats for complete coverage.  The formula and application were both flawless.  I finished with 1 layer of topcoat and it didn't effect the holo whatsoever.  

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  1. I just ordered that! So glad to know it's this pretty!

  2. Absolutely stunning on you & I just ordered this the other I am impatiently waiting for it to arrive!

  3. Really unique color!

    - Toria