Thursday, August 15, 2013

Perfect Holographic Nail Polish H5, H6 & H7

Pssssst!  You lookin' for holos?  I got some holos.  Let me show you *opens trench coat*.  Really, I do have some super holo-y holos to show you today.  These are called Perfect Holographic Nail Polish and they are from Bulgaria.  Isn't that cool?  I know I love trying out polish from different countries!  Thankfully you don't have to find swap partner from Bulgaria to get them because Color4Nails carries them and currently has them in stock!  These bottles, as you will see are smaller than what you are used to at 6.5 ml. But they are also priced accordingly at $4.75.   And for the amount of holo you get in that baby bottle it's a steal!  You can find out more information about the Perfect Holographics on the Color4Nails Facebook page or Instagram feed (color4nails).

Well let's jump into the review so I can tell you more!


This is H5 (there are no names, just letter/number combos here).  H5 is described as a light magenta color.  I can see that but it also leans a bit lavender too.  First things first, I had to shake the bottle (all 3 bottles actually) a good amount to mix it up.  I then put on a layer of regular base coat.  My understanding is aqua base is the best to use when it comes to holos, but I don't have it so I worked with what I do have.  I then used 2 coats of H5.  This polish does not want to be overworked.  Be sure to get a good amount on your brush and don't go over the same spot too many times.  It could cause some balding.  Aside from that the polish gave me no problems.  And would you look at that holo payoff?!  I did not use topcoat.    

Here we have H6.  H6 is called a beige/nude holo.  Well you KNOW how I feel about nude holos.  I love them!  This was my favorite of the bunch because I am such a sucker for nude holo.  Alas the holo effect was the least strong in this one.  But I still enjoyed it immensely.  It's a perfect color to compliment a Summer tan or as a Fall neutral.  I used 2 layers over base coat and no topcoat.  This one seemed a little less temperamental and I didn't have to be nearly as careful with the balding.  

And lastly we have H7.  Isn't this a gorgeous color?  H7 is a called a purple holo.  Plain and simple.  But I think it's more blurple because I definitely see some blue in there.  The holo effect on H7 was quite amazing.  I caught myself in a full on stare several times when I wore H7.  I found the formula on H7 to be closer to H6 in that it was easier to work with and didn't want to bald so much as H5 did.  But I would still suggest that you don't over manipulate the polish and use as few brushstrokes as possible.  I used base coat, 2 layers of H7 and no topcoat.  

*These polishes were provided for my honest opinion and review

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  1. I have the full set of these H1 to H8 :) they are all awesome, the only down side side is that I've noticed is the holographic sparkles sink to the bottom, :( but after a good shake they are ok. I got mine from, and done a blog post myself.

  2. Ooh, H5 is absolutely stunning! Love it!

    - - Toria

  3. love the beginning of this post. i actually LOL'd!