Monday, August 12, 2013

Island Girl Hula Girl & Tony Moly GR11

Good morning/afternoon lovelies!  It's kind of in between so I am not sure which salutation to use right now.  It's brunch time but there's not really a way to say "Happy brunch time" or "good brunch."  You know what I mean?  Well today's post is full of neon and shimmer and crazy camera pictures because this polish made my camera go nutso.  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (mynailpolishobsession) you probably saw some of my Hawaii haul pictures.  I actually felt I was rather restrained and only brought home about 10 polishes.  Granted I brought home like 10 new pairs of stud earrings and a couple hand creams and lip balms up the yazoo.  I still did better than my husband who must have had buyers amnesia and came home with like 2 dozen t-shirts, haha!  Ok enough rambling…here's the post!

THIS is Island Girl Hula Girl.  A friend and I were laughing about the fact that Island Girl is only available in Hawaii (in ABC stores) yet it's made in California.  What the?  Oh, I also know there is an ABC store in Vegas so you can get them there too now.  Anyways, Hula Girl is this amazingly bright neon coral-pink creme polish with stunning fuchsia shimmer.  I mean it was WOW and my eyes were drawn to it immediately when I saw it in the display.  Hula Girl applied very sheer.  I used 3 coats and there was still visible nail line.  If you have long nails you will probably want to start with a base coat if VNL bothers you.  It dried to a duo matte finish (I'm not the biggest matte fan) but with 1 layer of topcoat that baby comes alive!  Just look at the pictures…it literally glows!  I also picked up some fun Tony Moly polishes because I also have no access to this cool Korean brand at home unless I stalk amazon, eBay, or stumble upon them in a blog sale.  I picked up a couple interesting looking glitters (I have to admit that quite a few looked like Lynnderellas).  I accented 1 nail with GR11 (wish the bottles had names) which was this very lovely glitter top coat.  GR11 is full of purpley shimmer and small silver hexs.  There are also pretty silver moons in there.  I used 1-2 coats (sorry, can't remember) and had plenty of glitter and shimmer come out easily.  The moons also came out easily but I had to dab them to get them off the brush and on to my nail.  As I mentioned before I used 1 layer of topcoat.  

Well, are your eyes burnt out of your head yet?

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  1. Wow, that's gorgeous! Seems like a perfect polish to pick up to remember a trip in Hawaii! Too bad it's only in Hawaii or I'd so add it to my wish list! Gorgeous. :)

    GR11 looks like a fun glitter! The moons are cute and it looks nice paired together! :)

    - Toria