Thursday, August 8, 2013

Super Black Lacquers Summer 2013!

HI HI lovely readers!  I haven't posted since the day prior to returning to the mainland.  So sad, I miss paradise.  Alas reality has me by the arms now and I'm sucked back into the mundane daily routines.  Well not so much since it's all rushing around getting things for the first day of school.  And I also am leaping back into reviews!  YAY!  This post is full of awesome polish from Super Black Lacquers.  Natalie recently released her Summer 2013 collection and it has a little something for everyone!  Crelly, shimmer, glitter, speckled.  They are each gorgeous in their own right and fabulous as a collection together.  I've reviewed a couple Super Black Lacquers in the past...if you want to see them here are the links: The Whale, Purdy and Drunk Dial.  You can follow Super Black Lacquers on Facebook and can purchase directly from!  Now on to the polish!


I went lightest to darkest so up first is Weird Girl.  The name makes me giggle.  I'm sure I was the weird girl, especially when I think about my middle school years and all the "styles" and "trends" I went through.  Natalie describes Weird Girl as a "flattering neutral polish.  Light concrete grey with gold/red/purple opalescence."  I loved this one!  Love the grey base and I saw tons of pink-magenta shimmer!  In some lighting the polish actually looks pink.  The formula on Weird Girl was great!  Easy flowing and spread smoothly on my nails.  I got full coverage in 2 coats.  I used 1 layer of topcoat.  

Plip turned out to be a surprising favorite for me!  I haven't really jumped on board the speckled train and Plip made me realize why.  All the speckled polish is pastel based.  Blah.  This vibrant deep turquoise is a gorgeous color and the black glitters "speckled" inside are so complimentary and pretty!  I  also like that this is a great transitional works for Summer and will also be perfect for the Fall!  The base on Plip was nice and creamy, with a great formula that was easy to apply.  The glitters came out in abundance and created a lovely speckled effect.  I used 3 coats (2 would have been fine) and 1 layer of topcoat.

Holy moly this is a gorgeous red!  Cannibal is a stunning crelly polish but dang this baby was hard to capture on camera.  It was red overload!  Now I am calling this a crelly because like a jelly it is amazingly shiny on it's own.  But it applies like a creme!  Because it's not a full on creme the formula was a little thinner than the others in this collection so be sure to wipe the extra polish off your brush so you don't get flooding.  I used 2 coats and no topcoat.  Just look at that shine!  

This blurple sensation is Dusted.  I have to say this was my favorite of the Summer 2013 set.  How could it not be?  Just look at this color - it's blue, it's purple, it's green shimmer!  Natalie describes Dusted as "a sheer, grape purple polish totally crammed with sea green shimmer."  It has a slight "mermaid" feel to it and I want to wear it to the pool (not the ocean because with Shark Week running I'm terrified).  I will admit that I immediately put this on my toes after I tried all 5 polishes out.  I found Dusted to be a tad sheer.  The first coat went on very light.  I ended up using 3 coats and the final polish/color pay off is amazing.  I used 1 layer of topcoat to shine things up because Dusted dries to a matte finish.  

And finally, we have reached the end of the collection!  Blitz is the essential black sparkly polish that every polish lover needs in their stash.  This was the other polish that made my camera go crazy!  It tried to dull the black and didn't want to pick up the sparkle.  So believe me when I say this is a sparkling beauty.  Natalie built this up from a creme black base and loaded it with holo silver hexs in multiple sizes.  The formula was lovely and the application was perfect.  I had great coverage in 3 coats.  Plenty of holo glitters came out easily and the dispersed on my nails evenly.  I see so many possibilities for this polish...galaxy nails, Halloween themed nails, NYE or just plain going out for night with friends or a special someone.  I finished it with 1 layer of topcoat but I will admit, it was pretty dang shiny on its own without it!    


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  1. Wow! Cannibal, Blitz and Dusted are all amazing!! Great pics and review, Jen!

  2. GREAT review! Damn..I love them all! GREAT pics too Jen! <3

  3. Blitz is lovely!

    - Toria

  4. I LOVE that blue! It's amazing!!!

  5. love all of these! great pics! weird girl, dusted and blitz are my favourites!