Friday, September 13, 2013

Lumina Lacquer Mucking Rainbows

Good morning!  I'm on a roll aren't I!?  How many posts in a row!?  I'm feeling good and feeling like I'm back into the swing of painting/photographing/posting.  Phew!  So you know I'm a fan of Lumina Lacquers and for good reason.  Tatiana makes amazing glitter bombs and she has been pumping out some beyond awesome polishes including an awesome set called The Luminated Ladies.  This set is a collaboration between Tatiana and some of her favorite bloggers.  They were all so lovely it was hard to pick a few.  Of course I am hoping these will be on her site again soon so I can get more of them.  You can purchase Lumina Lacquer from the shop and can follow Lumina Lacquer on Facebook and Instagram (luminalacquer).  

The Luminated Lady I have to share today is Mucking Rainbows from Mucking Fusser.  MR is a gorgeous blend of (wait for it…) large holo teal and silver circles; metallic purple circles; neon pink, neon green, purple and teal hexs; small pink, purple and teal circles; green, pink and orange shards; silver holo moons and microglitter!  It is truly a rainbow in a bottle and it's so much fun!  I used 2 coats of MR over my base color and I got a good amount of glitter out with each brush dip.  The glitters came out easily, spread well and laid flush on my nails.  This is going to be a fun glitter for every season!  I wore it over 2 coats of China Glaze LOL.  I also have China Glaze 2Nite on my thumb and pinky and a gradient of the 1 on my accent nail.  I finished with 1 layer of topcoat on the holo nails and 2 layers on the glitter nails.  

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