Sunday, September 22, 2013

Esmaltes Da Kelly Sabrina & Lonely Is the Night

Good morning dears!   I've come to the end of my South American international review spam!  This is the final brand I have to share with you and I specifically saved these 2 for last.  When I initially opened my blogger package I was immediately drawn to these and they didn't disappoint!  Esmaltes Da Kelly is another Brazilian indie polish brand with tons of pretty polish.  I went to check out the Esmaltes Da Kelly website and it's got a notice that it will soon be moving, but there is still some polish posted for your viewing pleasure.  Once again, if you don't live in Brazil don't fret, Sisi at Color4Nails can hook you up!  She has a great selection of EDK in stock!  They are $8 for each 8 ml bottle.  You can also follow Color4Nails on Facebook (you really do want to like this page!  Sisi has flash sales, promotions and giveaways all the time) and Instagram (color4nails).  


Up first is my favorite of the 2 EDK.  Sabrina is a simple but gorgeous golden holographic glitter polish.  Sabrina is VERY sparkly.  The base is clear, so it would take quite a few coats to build this up on it's own, if at all.  I chose to layer Sabrina over 2 coats of Zoya Piaf, a pale, creamy, shimmery yellow.  I then only needed 1 coat of Sabrina for maximum holo-sparkle effect.  The formula and application were both great.  I used 1 layer of topcoat.


*blurred to show holo sparkle


This is Lonely Is the Night and it's a very pretty "dark blue jelly with fine blue and black holographic glitters."  I loved the color and the sparkle factor!  LITN had a formula that was a tad thick, but it wasn't difficult to use.  I'd suggest using a touch of thinner if you feel yours is also thick.  I used 2 coats and had a little visible nail line showing.  If I added a third coat it likely would have disappeared.  I used 1 layer of topcoat.  



*these polishes were provided for my honest opinion and review

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