Wednesday, September 25, 2013

OPI It's Frosty Outside & I Snow You Love Me from the Mariah Carey Holiday/Winter 2013 Collection

Good afternoon!  I am back with even more lovely polish from the new OPI Mariah Carey Holiday/Winter 2013 collection!  Have you seen these in your beauty supply store yet?  I have been very impressed with the ones I picked from the collection and I have a feeling I should just buy the remaining  liquid sands to complete that part of my set.  Yesterday I posted Wonderous Star and Emotions, and prior to that I posted Make Him Mine, all so gorgeous!  So lets take a look at today's polish!

I started this mani with liquid sand It's Frosty Outside.  It's a stunning silver texture polish with silvers glitters.  OPI describes it as a "frosted silver."  Sounds pretty right?  Well it is pretty.  And it's nothing like Solitaire - which is definitely white.  Maybe I can do a side by side picture for you another day.  IFO was a little sheer, so I ended up using 3 coats.  Just like all the other sands from OPI the formula and application were great.  No problems to report.  I did not use topcoat.

Then I used Color Club It's Worth The Risque, a holo silver polish as a base (2 coats) and layered OPI I Snow You Love Me on top.  ISYLM is a read groundbreaking polish for mainstream brands (in my opinion).  While indies have been using circle glitters for ages now, OPI is the first mainstream to use them.  And did they just use plain old circles?  No.  They used holo silver circles with an interesting pattern that causes an even more holo rainbow effect (you can see this on my shade macro)!  Nicely done OPI!  I hope other mainstreams follow suit and take notes from the amazing indies on the market right now.  I used 2-3 coats of ISYLM and used some dabbing.  The glitters did try to move around a bit so I deliberately placed some on the empty spots.  The circles came out easily with a quick swirl of the brush inside the polish bottle.  I used 1 layer of topcoat on these nails.  



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  1. I'm surprised at how many I want from this collection. These 2 are included. Nice photos!