Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Literary Lacquers Literary Liquors Collection (4/6)

Good evening polish friends. Let's sit down by the fire pit and enjoy a cocktail together.  We can discuss our day, the weather, fashion and we can get polish wasted on Literary Liquors!  I'm sure you have seen this collection already, it was released a couple weeks back, but here's my swatches and review of this phenomenal collection.  Amy, the maker of Literary Lacquers was inspired by "the many cocktails found in literature, from the fictional to the futuristic, to the classic." *paraphrased by me*  Literary Liquors consists of 6 polishes with a variety of finishes, holo, shimmer, glitter and they are all fabulous.  I am happy to share 4 of them with you tonight.  So grab a comfy chair, pour yourself a glass of your preferred adult beverage and enjoy the pictures.  You can follow Literary Lacquers on Facebook for updates, giveaways, flash sales and sneak peeks of new polish in the works.  You can purchase Literary Lacquers on Etsy.

*Press Sample*

Inspired by Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, Strawberry Ice Cream Soma is a drink used to induce a feeling of euphoria to take a break from reality.  I personally haven't read the book, but I have to say Amy's description makes me want to check it out.  Strawberry Ice Cream Soma is a gorgeous soft pink holo that as Amy states, is one of her "office-holos."  I used 3 coats for full coverage with no issues to report. Lovely formula, wonderful application.  1 layer of topcoat and the holo was not effected.  


Here we have Dandelion Wine, inspired by the book of the same name by Ray Bradbury.  Described as "summer in a bottle" I have to say I sure wish I had a glass now, I will miss Summer now that Fall is on our heels.  And despite it being a "summer drink" I think it will be an amazing color to wear in the Fall!  Dandelion Wine is a gorgeous mustardy yellow holo with orange/gold and pink flecks.  It's stunning!  I used 3 layers of Dandelion Wine with no problems to mention.  Another amazing formula with perfect application.  I used 1 layer of topcoat and the holo was not effected.


This lovely fellow is Jack Rose.  Inspired by The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway, Amy describes Jack Rose as a "coppery, caramel colored strong linear holo."  This falls into the category of colors that I absolutely adore, like can't resist-it's so gorgeous-I must have it now kind of adore.  Fall colors are my weakness.  The drink sounds pretty fabulous too, here's the recipe if you ever want to try it!  Jack Rose is a very sheer polish.  I ended up using 4 coats for almost full coverage.  I have short nails and I have a little visible nail line.  If your nails are long you might want a coordinating base color.  Aside from the sheerness, there are no issues to discuss in regards to application or formula.  I finished with 1 layer of topcoat and the holo was not effected.


Lastly I have I'm Drinking Stars.  I love it.  I'm a huge fan of this color.  It's a "champagne nude strong linear holo."  I'm Drinking Stars was inspired by Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins - of course in reference to a champagne drink.  I'm all for any drink with champagne in it.  My favorite is literally the cheapest sweet wine you can get, Asti Spumante.  So sweet, so bubbly, so yummy.  Amy mentions this one is also sheer and I again used 4 coats.  I wore this alone, but you can wear it over an array of colors to give any polish a holo effect.  No formula or application problems to mention.  I finished with 1 layer of topcoat and the holo was not effected.


*these polishes were provided for my honest opinion and review
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