Friday, September 27, 2013

a-England Briarwood & Lumina Lacquer Mick Or Treat

Happy Friday!  I am pretty excited about this post!  It's so "Fall" I almost can't take it.  I look forward to the Fall every year, it's my favorite season!  Yeah I know, I'm from California and I don't get seasons - let me live in my fantasy world.  Besides, it's been chilly enough in the mornings and evenings to call it Fall here.  Today I even asked my fashion forward bestie if I could officially wear my corduroys yet…I was given the approval, YAY!  So I'm already rubbing my hands together thinking about which Fall/Autumn/Halloween polishes are going to come out of my helmer drawers to play over the next couple months.  I should make a list.  Anywho….I fell into this spiraling train of thought after wearing this on my nails for the past few days.  

This is a-England Briarwood.  Wow, what a stunning color!  Adina says Briarwood is a burgundy based color with holographic particles.  It's definitely a very deep reddish brown, so sure I can go with burgundy.  It's so gorgeous I can barely stand it!  Briarwood is a tight scattered holo and effect is more soft and subtle than the in-your-face linear holos you normally see me post.  But the best part is it's a 1 coater.  Yup you heard me right, 1 coat.  Formula and application were flawless!  I used 1 layer of topcoat.

I also used Lumina Lacquer Mick or Treat.  How adorable is this polish!?  It's a glitter bomb packed full of colors that are perfectly Fall!  Tatiana, the lovely gal behind Lumina Lacquer, describes Mick or Treat as "a mixture or orange, red, black glitter with pumpkin glitters thrown in."  Now I know my bottle had pumpkins in there but I wasn't lucky and didn't get any out.  I was also given a baggie of extra glitters but I have no excuse other than I'm lazy and I didn't put any of the loose pumpkins on my nails.  That's ok because I truly love the way my Lumina accent nails turned out without the pumpkins.  I used 3 coats of Mick or Treat to ensure my accent nails were absolutely covered to the brim with glitter.  and they were!  Each brush dip provided plenty of glitter and the Mickey's came out with no fishing required!  I used 2 layers of topcoat on my glitter accent nails.  

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