Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Femme Fatale Pools of Vision & Edge of the Cosmos

Good afternoon readers!  Sorry for disappearing for a bit!  Sometimes life gets hectic with 3 littles and a household to run.  Being a soccer mom isn't always the easiest job but it's definitely a rewarding one.  About a week back I reviewed some lovely Femme Fatale Cosmetics nail polish.  You can see the post for Gravity Lapse and Fatal Attraction HERE!  Today I have 2 more beautiful polishes to share!  I have been highly impressed with the quality and formula on all the Femmes that I have.  This is a great brand  that puts out great products.  Femme Fatal Cosmetics is an Australian brand and shop that carries a large variety of products including lots of indie nail polish.  If you don't live in Australia don't fret...there are plenty of stockist that carry the brand *insert the sound of thousands of women rejoicing at one time*  Harlow & Co, Ninja Polish, Color4Nails, Norway Nails and Beauty Softly.  You can also follow Femme Fatale on Instagram (femme_fatale_cosmetics).  Let's move into the review shall we?


This lovely fellow is Pools of Vision.  On the FFC website it's described as a "grey tinted off white with a variety of cool toned (grey, teal, white, aqua, green) glitters scattered throughout.  POV is kind of a trickster to the eye - sometimes the base looked white, sometimes light blue, and others grey.  I love how the almost pastel and neon glitters really popped through the base color.  Of course the neon green glitters were my favorites, they really brought some fun color to the mix.  I used 3 coats for full coverage and had plenty of glitter show up on my nails.  The glitters laid flat and I had no problems with the formula or application.  I finished with 1 layer of topcoat.  


Edge of the Cosmos is another lovely polish.  It's described as a "blackened purple base with fine holographic particles, and a variety of holo shapes and sizes."  It's gorgeous for this time of year.  It's dark and vampy with silver holos moons and stars.  The base on EOTC is jelly so it's nice and squishy and very shiny.  This is another trickster because it appears to be a very dark purple or a deep raspberry depending on the lighting.  I again used 3 coats and had no issues at all with the formula or application. I had plenty of glitter shapes come out and they all laid flush with my nails.  I did use 1 layer of topcoat to seal in the glitter (and force of habit) but EOTC has a nice glossy finish so topcoat isn't really necessary. 


**these polishes were provided for my honest opinion and review
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