Saturday, October 5, 2013

Stargazer 128

Good morning lovelies!  I have a real beauty to share with you today.  Yet it's a brand I hadn't heard of until very recently.  From my research on the website I learned that Stargazer was founded in 1978 in the middle of the punk rock scene in London.  So they have been around for a good while and were definitely influenced by punk rock.  My friend Gina sent me a couple of these in a swap package and color me impressed.  Thanks for the awesome polish girl!  

This beauty has no name, just a number.  That always bothers me because I can never remember names of polish let alone numbers.  128 is a gorgeous polish that falls somewhere between berry and magenta.  But it also has some duochrome to it!  In real like it seems darker purple, and I also see flashes of gold!  Very pretty.  Application was nice and after 2 coats I had a nice rich color pay off.  You can very lightly see the whites of my nails on the tips so if you have longer nails you would probably want to use 3 coats.  The brush was a little wonky but there are really no application or formula issues to report.  I finished this mani with 1 layer of topcoat.        

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  1. Gorgeous color! I'd also be bummed with numbers. But mostly because I love seeing polish names. haha

  2. thats a nice colour! i grew up with stargazer polishes everywhere! they have some great looking neons!