Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Skittlette featuring: RBL Santa Fe Road, CrowsToes Her Goose Got Cooked, Dior Amazonia & Cirque French Roast

Good morning dears!  Popping in with a quick post and lots of pictures!  I did a Fall skittlette and wanted to share it with you!  I'm definitely in the spirit of the season and can't wait to have Autumn colors on my nails for a few months!  So much in fact that I started off with a bang and 4 polishes later here's what I had on my nails.  

Thumb and pinky: Cirque Colors French Roast, 3 coats.  Gorgeous sparkly brown with smattering of gold and red for depth.  This is sheer but builds up nicely.  It dries to a textured feel so I used 2 layers of topcoat on these nails.

Index and Middle: 1 coat of RBL Santa Fe Road, a gorgeous creamy mandarin-orange color with slight green shimmer.  Really nice, thick formula with excellent coverage.  If I wore this without glitter on top I would have used 2 coats just for color richness.  I covered these nails with 3 coats of CrowToes Her Goose Got Cooked.  One of my all time favorite glitter combinations EVER.  Perfect blend of gold, pink and orange! I used 3 coats because I wanted some dense coverage, I would normally only use 1 or 2.  Great glitter payoff, loads of glitter.  It came out easily and laid flush on my nails.  I used 1 thick layer of topcoat on these nails.

Ring finger: I have on 2 coats of Dior Amazonia.  Swoon!  This beautiful dark, safari green definitely makes me think of the dense and lush plants that grown in tropical/jungle places.  It has a not-so-hidden shimmer that is really pretty in real life.  Amazing formula and great application!  I love my Diors.  

All in all I love how this turned out!  It's a great blend of colors that complement each other.  And it's fun.  

Dior Amazonia

Cirque French Roast

Crique French Roast

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