Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lumina Lacquer Peculiar Pumpkin Posse

Good morning ghosts and ghouls!  Happy Halloween!  I have 2 Halloween manis to share with you today and this it the first one!  A lovely polish created by Tatiana over at Lumina Lacquer.  I love my Luminas!  They are always packed full of glitter, sparkly and beautiful.  This particular Lumina definitely fits that bill!  If you are interested in Lumina Lacquer you can purchase polish HERE, and can follow on Facebook and Instagram (luminalacquer).  You definitely want to follow the Instagram account - that's where sneak previews of new colors pop up all the time!

Peculiar Pumpkin Posse is awesome.  It's a glitter bomb full of orange, black, holo and the darkest teal glitters.  It's got hexs, diamonds, moons, microglitter and black HOLO pumpkins!!!  I think there are orange holo pumpkins too but none wanted to come out and play.  I did get some black holo pumpkins out (minimal fishing required as Luminas are so full of glitter you always get something exciting on your brush) and they are super awesome!  The formula was great - so much glitter came out and it all spread nicely on my nails for full coverage!  I used 2 coats of PPP over a gradient of Orly Liquid Vinyl (black creme) and LA Girl 3D Silver (scattered silver holo).  My accent nail is 3 coats of 3D Silver alone.  I finished with 1 layer of topcoat and viola!  Blingy Halloween nails!  

*Pecuilar Pumpkin Posse was a Halloween exclusive and is no longer available



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