Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Glow In the Dark Week, Night 3: Sea Lore Seafetti

Here we are on my third post this week featuring glow in the dark polishes!  If you just stumbled upon my Glow In The Dark week you can follow the links below for the first 2 nights.  I thought it would be fun to do a weeks worth of posts featuring glow in the dark polish, and what better time to do it then Halloween month (aka October).  Sometimes spooky, sometimes ethereal but always cool!  Glow in the dark is a fun way to have an awesome night time mani!  

Tonight's post features a recently released polish from Sea Lore.  Seafetti came out as a celebratory 1 year anniversary polish.  Sadly it was only available a couple times and I don't think it's coming back.  But Jamie has lots of other beautiful polish so go check out her shop.  Seafetti is a sheer, pale blue polish with white, green, iridescent and blue glitters.  There are also some really pretty blurple sparkles in there.  I used 3 coats alone and had nice coverage.  If you want to see it in a mani I did a skittlette HERE.  Application and formula were really nice and easy to work with.  I didn't use topcoat.  And how pretty is that blue glow!  

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