Monday, October 30, 2017

Fit Snack Box; October 2017

Evening beauties.  This chilly October night while I watch my kids carve their pumpkins and watch Frankenweenie, I have a snack post for you!  I sure love receiving my Fit Snack boxes, it's so fun to try new snacks and I like getting my kids opinions on them too...helps me find nutritious items to put in their lunch boxes.  This month's box has some interesting items including cherry pills and smoothie add ins!  You can purchase a Fit Snack Box that fits your needs; 3 month, 6 month, even a one time box!  The 1 year subscription is the best deal (value per month) and right now you can get a sweatband, water bottle and mini surprise!  You can save $3 using my link HERE.  Ok, let's check out the food stuffs!

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Beanitos, how I love thee!  The black bean chips are my absolute favorite, they are delicious with guacamole!  I was excited to try these bean based cheese puffs meant to taste like macaroni and cheese.  My daughter was even more excited than me!  Crunch was good, and boy were these cheesy.  They definitely nailed the mac and cheese flavor.  I was on the fence about the flavor but Naomi really liked it.  But if you're looking for a snack packed with protein and fiber then this is for you!

Chops Beef Jerky made a comeback to Fit Snack!  This is absolutely delectable jerkey made out of beef brisket.  It's so flavorful and soft, the most under beef jerky I have ever had.  I even ordered a 4-pack on Amazon, it's that good!  I was very happy to see a package of this in my box.  As were my kids!  Naomi gobbled up her portion and I even gave my husband some to try.  Well, he liked it so much I didn't get the bag back.  Thankfully I had a bit before I snagged it.  

Natural Wellness Ultra Nourish is a vegetarian, total body, protein superfood shake that focuses on supporting the liver.  I got the chocolate flavor and it smelled pretty good.  I decided to mix it with some almond milk, thankfully I keep stock of this stuff for smoothies and shakes.  Mixed it up good in my blender bottle and gave it a taste.  Initial thought - dang, this is super chocolatey and yummy!  Second thought - ok, wait a minute, what's going on here.  Third thought - oh that after taste is not pleasant at all...I can't take another sip!  So yeah, bummed this one wasn't tastier because it totally had potential.  Naomi and Leo (the hubster) agreed with me 100%, after taste was a turn off.  Looks like you can get an unflavored version so I wonder if that would be any better.  

VitalFit Nutrition Tart Cherry Pure Montmorency is a totally intriguing product.  The cherry trend has been very apparent recently, at least to me, who knows how long it's really been around.  The cherries are said to be anti-inflammatory and support muscle recovery after a workout.  I am all on board with that!  For some reason I was expecting dried cherry pieces but this comes in a gel-cap.  I read the directions and decided to take one before and one after soccer.  I have no muscle soreness outside of my hamstring, which is my plaguing injury.  So I'll try these again before a long run or strenuous gym session.   

I have heard of Monkfruit Sweetener before.  I haven't tried it until now.  I am used to Sweet N Low in my coffee.  It's very sweet.  It helps quiet my sweet tooth.  I tried the ZenSweet Monkfruit Sweetener in my coffee this morning.  I left it black with just the sugar substitute.  I used 2 teaspoons.  But it wasn't sweet at all, I probably could have gone for 2 more teaspoons.  But I will say that there was no aftertaste or yucky flavor.  Just not sweet.  So After tasting ad adding, I ended up pouring in some creamer.  My coffee was not overly sweet and pretty dang yummy this morning.  I think I can get on board with this sweeter! 

Zippy Bites Chocolate Energy Truffles are little chocolate truffles full of 152mg of caffeine - each!  It's recommended that you eat 2 for maximum strength, and to not exceed 3 daily.  Alright so I have to come clean here.  I can't drink regular coffee, I'm a decaf person.  The caffeine intake just doesn't work will with my body, I get super shaky and sick to my stomach.  So I haven't tried these yet.  I'm scared to.  I usually don't go around looking for the highly caffeinated products out there.  When I do find a good reason to try one of these I will definitely report back!  

Herbal Strategy is a superfood solution to attain better health, improved wellness an overall feeling of thriving!  This is essentially a supplement that you can add to your daily shake.  This blend of good stuff is a green powder that smells descent enough.  I was really worried it was going to make my beloved pumpkin spice/vanilla almond milk shake taste too "earthy" but thankfully I was wrong.  It only turned my shake a greenish tint and didn't adjust the flavor at all.  If it's going to make me healthier and doesn't taste gross then I'm on board!  **sorry for no picture of this product, I poured it into my shake as I was running out the door.  

Wicked Lekker is a refreshing superfood tea that is caffeine free, anti inflammatory and full of antioxidants.  I enjoyed the lemony flavor and that it was a caffeine free option (I don't really do caffeine).  Naomi enjoyed it as well.  

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