Monday, October 23, 2017

Zoya Lipsticks, Fall 2017

Morning dears!  Well that weekend went by way too fast.  Can I get an extra day next time please!?  But I guess it was a productive weekend, lots done with the kids.  Some cleaning.  A little time for myself.  But now it's Monday and it's going to be an especially busy week.  Hopefully I don't disappear on you but don't be surprised if I do.  So I'm starting off this week with a makeup post, hoping it'll help keep me on track!  Zoya released 7 new lipsticks and I had some fun trying them on to share them with you.  They're available now for $12 each. 

*press sample*

I started with some arm swatches so you could see them all together.  The first picture is under artificial light.  Top to bottom: Addie, Layne, Lucky, Izzy, Bristol, Maggie and Tommy. 

Same order, direct sunlight.  

A quick collage of all the colors on my lips!  Some seem similar, but they do have slight variances.  Let's check them out individually now.  

Up first is Addie.  It's a pinky nude apricot with a cream finish.  I like how these aren't glossy, aren't matte, just somewhere perfectly in between.  Nice smooth formula, my lips felt very nourished.  I think this is a nice nude but not shade.  Me like.  

Layne is a medium dusty rose.  Such a great natural shade but a little oomph.  Another super creamy formula.  My lips felt soft and smooth.  

Lucky is a vibrant cool toned pink with a shimmery finish.  This wasn't as bright as I was expecting it, I found it quite flattering actually.  Naomi loved this one too (shocker).  

Izzy is a deep fuchsia cream.  It's one of the deeper shades and it's so pretty!  I think this and the next were my favorites, at least the most flattering on me.  

Oh look!  I have teeth!  This is Bristol.  Definitely one of my top choices in this release.  It's a medium wine toned cream.  Formula was nice and creamy, applied smooth and even.  Mua, perfecto!  

Maggie is a deep berry, creamy formula lipstick.  Man, I love how hydrating and smooth these feel.  Feels like buttah on my lips.    

Tommy is the last of the bunch.  This is a saturated blurple cream formula lipstick.  While I like this color, I don't think I'd wear it for any occasion other than Halloween.  I'm just not used to seeing anything besides standard shades of pink and berry and nude on my lips.  This one did seem to apply a little less evenly than all the others, you can faintly see some streaks on m bottom lip.  

Ok, just because.  I was making fun of myself taking pictures.  Thought it might brighten up your Monday with a good laugh.  

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