Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Beauty Review: Hard Candy Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween!  Are you dressed up?  Did you go to a school parade?  Are you going out tonight? I am wearing an x-ray skeleton running outfit, went to my kids school parade and will be walking around the neighborhood with my kids tonight.  Looking forward to it!  I love Halloween and being out and about, running into neighbors and friends.  Tomorrow will surely be a rough morning though.  I've got a fun beauty post of you today featuring some items from the Hard Candy Halloween 2017 Collection.  This stuff is great to finish up your Halloween costume or any time you want to add some bling to your makeup look.  You can purchase these products at Walmart and they are very affordable.  I'll mention pricing in each individual section.  So let's jump in and check out the goodies!

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Starting out with Glitteratzi.  This is a set of 6 glittery shades in a gel-like formula.  You can put this anywhere you want (maybe not the lips?) for an extra touch of sparkle.  I like the colors included in this palette, easy to use with many outfits or costumes.  I did feel the gel-glitter was in consisted with color payoff.  Sometimes I got a plethora of glitter, other times very sparse.  You can pick up the Glitteratzi palette for $6.

Mirror for easy application is inside the top cover of the palette.  

Here are all 6 Glitteratzi shades in artificial light.  I forgot to do one of them in the sun.  

Poppin Pigments is a trio of beautiful, glittery powder.  You get the classy shades; gold, silver and copper.  The copper pigment seems to be the finest milled, the other two have chunkier glitter pieces in them.  Ok, so while these are very pretty they have awful fallout.  So much glitter everywhere!  I found that the included setting spray worked wonders to minimize the fallout.  Poppin Pigments is $6.  

Pigments in artificial light.  

 Pigments in natural, indoor lighting.  

 Pigments in the sun.  

Sheer Envy Long Wear Setting Spray is a weightless spray that locks in makeup for all day wear.  You can spray this over foundation, shadow, bush and concealer.  It works in all weather conditions and won't melt, crack, fade or settle into fine lines.  I've never used a setting spray before and I found it quite refreshing.  It has a light, pleasant scent.  Not like food or sweets, just refreshing and clean.  I used this spray on the Poppin' Pigments and they had much less fallout and looked great!  This products is $6.  

Wet Ever Unicorn Lipgloss Top Coat is a super fun lip gloss that can be worn on top of any lipstick to transform it into a "unicorn dream".  There are 4 colors available and I received the white topper, Aurora.  It applied easily enough on top of lipstick shades and did give a nice iridescent sheen to each shade.  I did find the gloss to be a little gritty but to uncomfortable.  You can pick up one of these fun tubes of happiness for $6 each.  

I have Aurora here alone and on top of other shades.  Top to bottom: Aurora alone, over Zoya Addie, over Zoya Maggie, over Wet n Wild Eerie Onyx.  Here are the swatches in artificial light.  

Here are the same shades in the sunlight.  

I put together a look using some of the products I was sent to review.  I have on the rose gold, coppery shade from the Glitterati palette on my eyes, the copper Poppin' Pigments on as highlighter and Wet Ever Unicorn Lipgloss in Aurora on over Zoya Bristol.  I set the look with the refreshing Long Wear Setting Spray.  

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