Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Stella Chroma November Polish Pick Up Exclusive: Breaker of Chains

Evening beauties!  Well, Halloween is behind us.  That means we will now have Christmas shoved down our throats for the next 2 months.  Don't get me wrong, I like Christmas, but I think we have lost sight of what Christmas means.  It's turned into who can out do the next person with grandiose gifts and over the top decorations and activities for the kids.  I'm a super busy mom with 3 very active kids.  I'm lucky if I remember to hide that damn elf every night, I don't need to worry about dusting footprints and making messes with toilet paper.  I just want to enjoy time with my family and not worry about all that other stuff.  LOL, ok now that you know my opinion on the upcoming holiday let's talk about the exciting Polish Pickup for November.  It's "Fandom" themed so pretty much anything goes.  You can buy your favorites from 11/3-11/6.  Stella Chroma was inspired by Game of Thrones with her polish and you can purchase it for $12 during the sale period.  Let's jump in and I'll tell you more about Breaker of Chains!

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Stella Chroma came up with Breaker of Chains.  This is inspired by Daenerys Targaryen, specifically when she frees the slaves of Astapor in season 3.  It's a dark teal matte polish with purple shimmer and silver and holo flakies.  Super gorgeous polish and thematic finish made me squee.  Really though people, there aren't enough matte finish polishes out there and matte is SO HOT right now!  Formula was a tad thin but I had no problems building it up to full coverage in 3 coats (which is my typical coat-age).  It applied perfectly, no issues to mention.  No topcoat used to show off that amazing matte finish!   

Here's Breaker of Chains with topcoat, just in case you wanted to see it that way too.  

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