Friday, November 17, 2017

Beauty Big Bang Chameleon Flakes Nail Powder

Evening loves!  I'm back from practices and dinner and now I have a sparkly, flake-y, mermaid-y nail power to share!  Alright, so I have only tried the powder a handful of times, the first few times being total failures (total user error issues) but this one...oh this one!  It was so easy to use and turned out so beautifully it totally made me want to powder flake-y all the things!  You can purchase the Chameleon Flakes Nail Powder from Beauty Big Bang $2.99 by clicking the link HERE.  I'm excited to work with Beauty Big Bang and have a reason for you to be excited too, you can save 10% off your order using my code Obsession.  Ok, let's jump in and check out the product!

*press sample*

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I really like that this flakie powder came in a little baggie, makes it so easy (and less messy) to have it contained.  It also came with it's own shadow application to rub it in to my nails.  There are 12 "colors" to choose from and I picked 1A.

I started this one with a black base.  Not sure why I picked black but I just went with it.  But I bet these flakes will look great over a magenta or dark purple base too!  I picked up the flakes with the included brush and gently rubbed them into my nails.  I continued to do this with each nail until I was pleased with the coverage.  Hard to not be pleased because look how pretty this is!  I love the green>teal>purple shift!  I used topcoat and done!  It was super easy! 

*note: I used Cosmetic Sanctuary's no gel method to create this look.  You can try the method by following her directions HERE.  

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