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Leeloo Soap; Fall Body Products

Evening lovelies!  Ok this post is 100% Courtney from Polished Lifting's fault.  She recently posted about Leeloo Soap and my eyes turned into saucers with stars twinkling in them.  I've only recently gotten on the fancy soap train but my eyes do not deceive me, I was in deep lust for some of this brand in my life.  I'm happy to say that it was all I wanted it to be and I'm already working on order #2!  Right now it's mostly Fall scented soaps and items in the shop, but I have a few Halloween items in my post.  I'm also super curious and eager to see what Winter items will be available!  You get free shipping with any order over $50.  Ok, let's jump in quickly so you can shop! 

*nothing to disclose*

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Up first is Blood Bath.  It's a Halloween soap, of course!  And it was pretty awesome!  Naomi actually used it in the tub and her bath water turned completely pink as the red, glittery portion "stained" the water red.  So she was happy as a lark sitting in a glittery pink tub.   The soap description said cotton candy scented but I didn't get that.  My nose picked up a fairly strong floral scent that I could smell in the living room!  The black portion was much lighter and had a mellow, clean soap smell. I felt the soap lathered up great and was perfect for hand and body washing.

Ghost With The Most is inspired by Beetlejuice!  Love that movie.  The soap is a green apple scented bar with some peppery undertones.  My boys liked this one and were more than happy to clean up using it!  Hand and body washing without any grumbling is a bonus so this soap gets thumbs up from me just for that!  Lathered up great and smelled great! Very happy with this one.  

On to the Autumn scents!  I had to have this could I not pick's got a gold unicorn on top for goodness sake!  This is the Pumpkin Spice Soapicorn and it smells like none other than pumpkin spice!  I haven't used this one yet but I don't expect any surprises as all the others I have used have lathered up wonderfully and consistency through the soaps life.  A 7-8 ounce bar is $12.  

Whoa! Yum! Almond Hot Chocolate smells AMAZING!  Almond flavored cocoa anyone?  Me please!  I need to get some almond torani syrup and make this soap a hot chocolate reality.  I have just been sniffing this one like crazy but haven't used it yet.  It's next in the que and I can't wait.  Again, with how great all the other products have been I expect to like this product just as much! You can buy a 5 ounce bar of this soap for $8.  

Hello Fall is such a lovely soap to look at!  That gold pumpkin on top is beautiful.  This one also smells like pumpkin spice and it's such a nice scent.  It's not overpowering but the scent is definitely there.  Great lather and it lasted long time!  To help get the longest life out of your soap you should put it in a dry place after use.  The soap is $9 for a 5 ounce bar. 

Thought you'd be interested in seeing the ingredients list of the soaps.  This one in particular is from Hello Fall, but the others have the same ingredients.  

Cozy Cable Knit Hand and Body Lotion is a pumpkin pecan pie scented lotion.  I love it.  I am so glad I bought it!  I found the lotion to be very moisturizing, not too light that my skin is dry after a couple hours and not so thick that I can't rub it all in.  Just perfect.  And the scent is so yummy.  I can smell it on me for a good hour after I rub it in and it's just right, light and spice-y and pumpkin-y!  This item is $10 for a 6  ounce bottle.  

Sweaters and Scarves Pumpkin Spice Scented Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub is a fabulous salt scrub scented like pumpkin spice.  I know, I bought all the pumpkin spice things, I'm addicted.  But this pink Himalayan salt scrub is pretty amazing too!  It's a nice grit with the addition of some great oils, my skin felt smooth and soft after using it.  Plus the oils made me feel super moisturized, a big bonus during the dry Winter months.  I don't recall how much this was but you get 8 ounces.  

The last item is this Velvet Pumpkin Lip Balm.  You guys, I have to admit that I have a love/hate relationship with indie made lip balms.  They usually make my lips react weird, they get flakey and itchy and they never smell that great.  I hesitantly tried this one, because I loved all the other products so much I didn't want to be let down.  Well sing praises to the lip balm angels because it did NOT disappoint!  My lips felt velvety and smooth and smelled like pumpkin spice (yes I know, PUMPKIN SPICE ALL THE THINGS!).  You know what else?  It lasted on my lips for a super long almost half of a full day!  Even through eating and drinking!  Love it, love it, love it! You can get this lip balm for $4.  

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